Who said that short hair is not beautiful?

Many people assume that women should limit wearing short hairstyles since they can lessen their ethereal beauty. The reality is not so. Myriads of women in the world even become more beautiful when having a short haircut. Jaimie Alexander is a typical example of marvelous beauty whether in long or short hair. This article will give some evidence that breaks down the above prejudice through her amazing short hairstyles. And you will have to speak aloud to the world “I’m sure I will pursue short hairstyles from now on.”

For American citizens, it’s unfamiliar when mentioning the name – Jaimie Alexander, an excellent actress. She gained a reputation for the role – Jessi on the TV series – Kyle XY, Sif in the superhero film – Thor in 2011, and its sequel in 2013. Not only does she have outstanding acting, but she owns an admirable appearance. 

Now let MCSARA widen your beauty arsenal by introducing impressive short hairdos of the excellent actress, Jaimie Alexander.

Faux Mohawk Short Pixie

Jaimie Alexander looks cool and super chic with long layers combed back. This short pixie makes her face look brighter and longer as well as somehow accentuates her high forehead. Moreover, the dark brown hair color also contributes to highlighting her white smooth complexion. No word can describe her perfect beauty in this short hairstyle. Everything is magically well-matched. There is the certainty that no one in this world can complain about this Faux Mohawk Short Pixie.

Messy Bob Hair

Stylists can create several short bob haircuts with different lengths. It is easy to realize this hairstyle is a combination between a short bob and a pixie with long layers. To make a difference for this haircut, Jaimie messes layers up to bring a sense of luxuriance. She knocks down millions of hearts by a delicate look and a sweet bob haircut. 

Short Straight Haircut

Jaimie Alexander looks a bit of edgy when styling this hairstyle. Her face seems to be smaller since layers frame it. No one can resist her charming beauty when watching her in this haircut. You can try this hairstyle to renew your appearance if you don’t like Faux Mohawk Short Pixie or Messy bob hair of Jaimie Alexander. It will be an ideal option for hot summer days. 

Short Wavy Mocha Brunette Hairstyle 

Layers are jagged cut through the back to create a textured mane. This brunette hairstyle suits a long face, but regular trims are necessary to keep its shape. You will be certainly the center of attention if wearing it in important events. Wear a light make-up and a gorgeous dress and you own a perfect look for meetings or exciting parties. 

Short Straight Dark Brunette Haircut

Jaimie Alexander is so smart when knowing how to style her short bob for nights out. She made a deep side part that flips over her fringe to hide her jaw length. This Short straight dark brunette haircut works well with her heart-shaped face and dainty chin. The dark espresso brown color creates a cool and edgy finish for the American actress. Ladies having natural black and brown hair should try this hairstyle as it will make a striking contrast with the light shades of their eyes. 

MCSARA has listed out some impressive short hairstyles of the beautiful actress who comes from America. Pick up one of them if you are short haircut lovers. Jaimie Alexander stands out with those short hairdos. And you? Why don’t you try them to change your appearance now? We ensure that you will not regret and shine like a queen when wearing such awesome haircuts. 

If you are still wondering whether you should try them or not, let MCSARA help you solve this problem. You can wear hair extensions and free to style without damaging your hair. Visit our website https://mcsara-store.com/ for more information about our hair products.

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