Tomi Lahren is famous as an American Conservative political commentator, a political operative, and former TV host. In this post, we can see Tomi Lahren no makeup face. Are you excited?

Tomi Lahren makeup

She gave you a strong impress from the show Tomi on the ‘TheBlaze’ television network where she gained a lot of attention from her short video segments called ‘final thoughts’ –in which she would frequently criticize liberal politics.

Lahren did not shy from showing her outrage, and even went further to rant at the former president Barrack Obama. The clip immediately went viral, and with The New York Times describing her as a ‘rising media star’, she instantly became a person of interest.

Read on this post of MCSARA to know more interesting facts relating to this media sensation, including details of her heated career and much more!

Tomi Lahren makeup blonde hairstyle

Tomi Lahren was born on 11th August 1992 and brought up in Rapid City, South Dakota, in the US. She holds the American Nationality but has a mixed ethnicity of German and Norwegian descent.

Although not much is available about her early family life, Tomi credits her success to her strict parents and the background she grew in. Since a tender age, her family dinners would always be fueled with politics talk –which explains her interest in politics from such an early age.

To overview her education, Tomi Lahren attended the Central High School in South Dakota and was reportedly the president of the student body. Upon her completion, she enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for her B.A in broadcast journalism and political science course.

Tomi Lahren photo

While on campus, she was an associate producer and later the host of her varsity TV’s political show, The Scramble. It was while she was playing such roles that she was able to ‘cement’ her love for political commentary and nurture her skills.

After her college graduation in 2014, Tomi interned for Republican Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s Rapid Office. She further reveals her role as an intern was a contributing factor to her later success as a political commentary.

She often appears in front of the public with the nude makeup style or no makeup face and her gorgeous light blonde hair. There are no big differences between before and after makeup so it is the main feature that attracts a lot of fans.

Tomi Lahren no makeup

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