Some ways to take care of hair extension

Taking care of hair is important step to have a beautiful look. Using hair extension, have you ever asked questions: “How to take care of my hair extension?” or “My hair extension is always in a mess and tangled how to solve that problem?” Those familiar questions can be answered when you know tips to apply to your hair extension properly. So what are they? Are they complicated, difficult to do or time- consuming? The answer is no. There are still some simple but vital tips to take care it every day people can do it at home

  1. Select a thin comb suitable for hair extension

It’s popular that people use lot hair extension products whose main material is almost from human hair cut from Vietnamese women. Same with real human hair, the hair extension ought to be preserved and taken care too. Cleaning or brushing that Vietnamese hair is a basic steps people may have already known. Apart from them, here are some other useful tips applied effectively on hair extension

The Vietnamese hair is actually from real human hair so it’s understandable that people love using that product. But, one of the most common hair problems not only Vietnamese hair clip but also other types of hair extension suffers from. That is tangle. A lot people complain about them and don’t know how to fix that. Let’s try that helpful tip.

Provided that you own a tangled Vietnamese hair extension product, let’s try that helpful tip to see how it works.  First, spray the hair exclusively for your hair extension, divide your Vietnamese hair into small parts and then comb the brush from the bottom up to limit tangled hair and lumps. You can spray more into the tangled parts to easily troubleshoot, make your hair smoother. Brush, lightly trim the hair to natural hair and evenly.

With curly hairstyle, comb the upper part and the curly part with the hands clockwise slightly squeeze on to keep the curls from popping out.

Finally, your Vietnamese hair extension problem is solved and you’ll have a beautiful hair clip as if it’s just bought from the store without tangle.

  1. Protect the hair extension

Taking care only isn’t enough. If you want to live with your hair extension longer, protection should be done because actually your hair clip isn’t human hair and their life span is for sure shorter. Vietnamese hair extension is the one of the highest quality hair products. There’re still other types which is not as good and strong as that hair type. They have a different texture comparing with the real hair, so be sure to protect your hair extension whenever you go out. When walking on the road, or riding a motorcycle, you should put your hair in front of your chest to curb the wind and make your hair dry.

In particular, do not let the rain hair extension or exposure to the sun if you do not want your silky wax become dry, tangled, and unnatural. So, if it’s sunny, you put the hair extension in your sun-dress to ensure the safety of it.

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