The red carpet in many parties and events always is place where celebrities show their beauty with outstanding dresses, amazing make-up and stunning hairstyles. It is the same in Venice Film Festival 2018. Opening on 29th of August, we have seen many beautiful look. Everyone appears with perfect look. Contributing to boost celebrities’ appearance, you can deny the importance of hairstyles. Long hairstyles are naturally beautiful but short hairstyles and medium hairstyles are even more special. Through celebrities’ glamorous look, you can refer and try these hairstyles. In this post, we will introduce gorgeous celebrities’ medium hairstyles in Venice Film Festival 2018 for you to get amazing one yourself. A thing you should remember is that to get the best hairstyles, they may apply hair extensions – effective hair beauty tool. Therefore, do it to enhance your hair look.

Naomi Watts with medium wavy bob

At Venice Film Festival 2018 opening ceremony, Naomi Watts attracts people’s attention by her amazing look with pink dress and wavy bob. The combination of the dress, make-up and shoulder length hairstyle makes her outstanding between many other celebrities. The medium wavy bob brings to her a graceful and elegant look. The perfect combination of all factors enhances her appearance a lot and makes her extremely glamorous at Venice Film Festival 2018.

Olivia Hamilton with shoulder length wavy hair

Olivia Hamilton appears with sweet look. Her shoulder length wavy hair goes well with the light make-up. This makes her look both elegant and beautiful. In the blue striped dress, her feminineness is also showed subtly.

Alma Clooney with curled faux bob

Appearing at Venice Film Festival 2018, Alma Clooney looks so stunning in the proper combination of dress, make-up and hairstyle. The beautiful dress boosting her look is lilac dress with Grecian-style bodice by Atelier Versace. She looks so attractive when the gorgeous dress goes along with curled faux bob and Lorraine Schwartz earrings. To get the best result with this hairstyle, hair extensions play an important role. Applying hair extensions, your hair will be thick and full of volume to suit this style. Therefore, if you like this medium hairstyle, try it with hair extensions.

Paz Vega with wavy pixie cut

In the Carolina Herrera dress, Paz Vega is so pretty and elegant. The beautiful make-up and wavy pixie cut contribute to enhance her glamorous appearance.

Above are some outstanding medium and shoulder length hairstyles at Venice Film Festival 2018. Pretty and famous celebrities appear in perfect look with these amazing hairstyles. These can be greats tutor for you to have a stunning hairstyle. You can refer to them and get yourself beautiful look. Do not worry about your thin hair or any hair issues such as hair loss, dry hair and so on because of the support of hair extensions. If you have intention of using extensions but confuse of their brand, it is highly suggested to choose MCSARA – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand. We commit to supply 100% natural hair extensions. Our brand has been chosen and trusted by many women all over the world.

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