Unique Pink Hairstyle Of Megan Rapinoe In World Cup 2019

Megan Rapinoe has never been shy about making bold statements and the USA forward is continuing this trend with pink hair at the World Cup. Rapinoe initially was still rocking her signature blond look but added some pink highlights as the team prepared for the World Cup in France. Rapinoe’s latest look is a bit bolder as she showed off a full pink head of hair as the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) took on Thailand in their initial match.

Rapinoe has a passion for fashion and even started a clothing company called “re-inc” with some of her teammates and is the chief branding officer for the brand.

“If you think about other athletes such as LeBron James, Serena Williams, even Maria Sharapova, it’s the pay and power that they derive from the professional identity that qualifies them for whatever comes after, whether it’s fashion or film or something else,” Rapinoe told The New York Times.

Rapinoe is dating Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) star Sue Bird who spoke to The Seattle Times about her partner’s love of fashion.

“Megan is very much in fashion. And I wouldn’t just call it clothing.” Bird explained to The Seattle Times. “She’s into everything – clothing, bags, shoes. She’s on top of the new stuff for sure. I love the sneakers. My storage room is 75 percent sneakers.”

Rapinoe showed off her latest look on Instagram.

Back in 2015, Rapinoe posted on Twitter about being at the salon all day. “When ya Dunn been at the hair salon all damn day,” Rapinoe noted on Twiter.

Rapinoe is not only passionate about style but has been involved with a number of social justice initiatives. Rapinoe spoke about her activism in an interview with iNews.

“I think being a gay female football player is kind of like, you have to be an activist,” Rapinoe told iNews. “It’s sort of in the name. But I also just feel like my personality lends to this being the most impactful way in which I can do my part, as a person in the world. I feel comfortable speaking out about things, and being a voice to make our sport better.”

As for Rapinoe’s style, the soccer star is still in negotiations with Bird for more closet space in their Seattle condo. The Seattle Times described Rapinoe’s attempt to increase the number of shelves that belong to her.

The World Cup 2019 was finished but the audiences still remember Rapinoe’s different pink hair color. If you feel this hair is great, you can try with other hair textures like long curly hair, kinky straight hairdo… With MCSARA to transform your hair more beautiful.

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