Two Different Sides of Cardi B No Makeup and Makeup

Cardi B is famous as a female rapper with special makeup face. In this post, you can see another face when Cardi B no makeup.

There are two sides to Cardi B: the glammed-up rap princess who always rocks a rainbow wig, a full face of makeup, and bedazzled nails, and the regular-degular-shmegular Cardi, who loves to show off her natural hair and take her daughter to work with a bare face.

This famous rapper, who routinely goes makeup-free in her viral Instagram videos, recently posted a snap to her Instagram feed cradling her 11-month-old daughter, Kulture, during rehearsals. “Day before summer jam,” she captioned the post. Cardi appears to be makeup-free with her natural hair. The sweet post received a ton of comments from her fans who praised the rapper for embracing motherhood in all its forms.

As fans know, the typical photo of Cardi B features a thousand-dollar manicure and vibrant hair color at the very least. At this point, we’re far more surprised to see Cardi without makeup than we would be to see her with, say, diamonds in her hair. But this simple, sweet photo shows how naturally beautiful Cardi is when she’s with her daughter.

“I love when your (sic) wearing no makeup,” wrote one fan, quoting her “Best Life” lyrics, “Never had a problem showing us the real me, hair when it’s fucked up, crib when it’s filthy.” Another added, “Such a hardworking mother,” and even singer Billie Eilish chimed in with, “Precious.”

Soon after the makeup-free snap was taken, Cardi B took to the Summer Jam stage with a multicolored neon wig by Tresses x Sandrine and coordinating makeup by Erika La’Pearl. While this isn’t Cardi’s first time going makeup-free in public, it’s a subtle reminder that women can do it all be moms (or not), show off their naked face, swap out new wigs daily, or rock their natural hair whenever, and however, they please.

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