Top must-try 7 hairstyles of Sienna Miller

Do you know the queen of boho Hollywood starlet, Sienna Miller? Let’s check out some of her impressive hairstyles to know why everyone gives her this designation.

She’s a pin-up for unique hairstyles from boyish crops to tousles waves with every color from rose gold to beach blonde. Obviously, it comes as no surprise when a great number of women mimicking her styles and it soon becomes a hot trend.

1. Long Dark Champagne Blonde Hair

Long layers are natural waves smooth and silky from the root to the tip. No need to choose a sophisticated hairstyle, Sienna Miller still owns a glossy finish in this long dark champagne blonde hair. This hairstyle is perfect for those girls who have naturally straight hair and willing to spend time from 4-6 weeks to keep its healthiness

2. Blonde Wavy Hair

Large waves added from mid-length to ends soften and give her a classic finish. It’s hard to deny the blonde hair color can’t lower her radiant beauty with a white complexion. She doesn’t forget to wear dark reddish-orange lipstick to add freshness and brightness for her face. Combining blonde wavy hair with long bangs side-swept is a wonderful option for any special occasion. Certainly, everyone can’t take their eyes off you when beholding you in this style.

3. Medium Straight Hair

This medium hair is a jagged cut through all the sides and it helps get a low-fuss as well as a simple look. Also, making an off-center part contributes to highlighting her long face and Sienna Miller makes billions of hearts in the world melt with a bright smile of clean pearly whites. Learn from her about choosing the peach rose lipstick to embellish your appearance. And we ensure you will be completely impressed by the result which it brings about.

4. Bob Haircut

Sienna Miller deserves to become a boho fashion trend for younger generations with this light blonde bob haircut. Combing layers to one side, along with a long white dress added brilliant jewels gives her a stylish and luxurious look. She shines like a queen when opting for this style. Don’t miss it if you are looking for a chic and gorgeous beauty. Add some accessories to decorate your outfits.

5. Blonde Short Straight Haircut

The British actress looks punky and fun in this short straight haircut. Her length is jagged cut up and layers are cut around her sides and top. Adding bangs is truly a smart choice as you want to keep a modern look. If you’re interested in finding an anti-aging hairstyle, this haircut is best for you.

6. Natural Wavy Light Blonde Medium Hair

Smoothing down locks gives Sienna Miller a glamorous and graceful look. Also, she pairs it with a gold brocade dress. This style is suitable for long or medium hair length and a white complexion. However, you still can try it with a dark brown color instead if you don’t have bright skin. Remember to trim this hair twice a month to maintain the best layers.

7. Short Bob with Curled Up Ends

The British Beauty looks confident and cheerful in this short bob. The curled-up ends bring her a vigorous but still charming appearance. She also showcases her sexy shoulders cleverly by a grey weave dress. You can choose this short bob for any occasion from meetings, hanging-out, to parties. It’s not difficult to keep it impeccable. Just need to use hair sprays every time you go out.

It’s easy to see blonde color is one of her favorite ones when it comes to her hairstyles. She changes several haircuts, but the hair color is usually golden blonde. Many girls are following her style. And you? What are you waiting for? Pick one of her greatest hairstyles that you desire to get done for yourself.

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