To be honest, having long hair is almost like a security blanket for me. I had a long key mainly my whole life and could not be shortened, perhaps once. However, with long hair has a lot of responsibilities and for those of you who know what I’m talking about, you are fully aware of all the things that only girls with long hair understand. As a girl who also is having a long lock, here are what I want to share and know that most of the long hair ladies out there really can feel related.


  1. Tangled hair is an ultimate problem

When you own long hair, detangle just naturally becomes one of your best friends. Believe me, I thought of a special hairbrush every morning to reduce the number of tangles I have in a day. But even then, I will often remove it every few hours to avoid pain when removing the cord.

  1. Straighten your hair means split ends

Like anyone else’s hair, using heat tools for your fibers can help you split ends. But when you have long hair, especially long layered hair like mine, you tend to be more split ends. And they are really everywhere. I often try not to stretch my hair too much, but instead, just let it dry.

  1. Curly your hair takes a lot of durabilities

Once you finally finish all your long hair, you feel extremely successful. The only thing is, maybe you have to take an hour to do. To make all your fibers curled up is really a struggle when you have long hair. Sometimes one or two hairs do not bend all the way and sometimes you have to repeat it because it does not curl evenly. But once you have all your curls in tactics, you feel great, and you feel like you tried to squeeze in a hand exercise.

  1. It needs forever to wash your hair and condition

OK, so you should always take the time to shampoo and condition your hair. But with long hair, you will take an hour to bathe, at least for me. Make sure that I wash my hair all the hair roots and nourish all the ends as a straightforward task, but it’s definitely worth it when you step out with strong and shiny fibers.

  1. Zippers can be dangerous

OK, this is a big problem for me. Sometimes coats are almost unbearable when your hair gets caught in one of the zippers. It was painful, unpleasant, and terrible. I learned very carefully when wearing a leather jacket.

  1. You can experiment with lots of hairstyles

On the positive side, you will never run out of hairstyles to play around. You can stir a new face every day.

  1. Last but not least, you are always afraid your hair will be caught something

When I was young, I would hear about all the scary stories about girls stuck in the tap. From then on, I was scared – I was afraid that my hair would get stuck in everything, from rollercoaster to car door – basically wherever there was a moving gap. Call me overdramatic, but I always try to put my hair up in any outdoor activities I participate in.

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