A baby boy in Australia has unique hair from birth always attract people’s attention when appearing with his mother in crowded places.

Recently, on the Instagram community, suddenly, people discussed when an image of a baby with thick hair, extremely interesting standing up. As people have known, he is Boston Simich from Perth, Australia.

He is only 4 months old but he is famous on social networks after Tara Simich (Boston’s mother) – she is a gym coach, often shares a series of her son’s photos on her Instagram account.

A cute portrait of Boston Simich

This is the image of Boston when he was born and was picked up by his mother

Although the baby is quite young at age, he always draws attention to everyone when he appears with his mother in crowded places with “strange” hair.

Tara said that the boy who makes everyone walking on the road must stop. It always causes arousing excitement whenever he goes. Most people are shocked by this young child and his hair grows so well. People still do not believe that everything they look at is true, they must “burst out” that “Is your baby’s real hair ?”

“God, this baby’s hair is great.”

The boy who owns the “upright” hair made many people unable to “be shocked”

Tara insists that from the moment he was born, his hair had stood up like that and said it was her real hair that did not cut or modify. When Boston was born, Tara’s two-child mother shared on Instagram: “This boy has the same haircut as his father”, and is very much interested.

Not only did Boston’s hair have unique hair, but in the past, the image of a Japanese girl also possessed “not poor” thick black hair. In this time, the girl named Chanco in Japan caused “a stir” of social networks with the “weird” hair. Currently, she is making hair samples for a shampoo company, owning over 400,000 fans to follow her “cute” hair and daily activities.

Thanks to the extremely special hair, the children have become “superstars” of social networks, owning a fan is no less important than celebrities.

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