The Mother Braided More 1000 Hairstyles For Her Daughter Within 5 Years

Shelley Gifford is a woman who likes to braid hair. Thanks to the social network, she has entered a whole new world of creativity for 5 years ago.

In 2014, Shelley saw a number of social networking accounts posting photos of braided hairstyles that mothers created for their daughters. She herself has a small daughter, so she decided to follow these braiding hairdos.

She shared that from childhood to growing up, she always likes to braid hair and she takes advantage of any opportunity to braid her friends’ hair. However, this is the only experience she has about styling braid hair. At that time, she only knew how to braid French and Dutch hair and she didn’t know that there were other types of hair braids. And so she learned a lot.

She began to follow more often the hairstyling channels, asked questions and continuously watched instructional videos. She also attended a seminar about braiding hair and whatever programs could improve her skills. Soon everything started to work.

Her daughter, Grace, 6 years old, has become a model for her mother’s creations and almost every day she has a new hairstyle.

Gifford said that she likes to try new creations for her braided hairstyles. Sometimes it seems more like a work of art than a regular hairstyle. She found joy and uniqueness in her work, so she just needs to reinvent some nice hairstyle that she found from the community of people who like to braid hair on the Internet.

Gifford says braiding is an easy part. After five years, she had finished more 1000 braid hairstyles. But actually the hardpoint is here: “I always have to try to come up with a new style for the next day,” she said. “And thinking of hairstyles for the following days is becoming more and more challenging.”

In addition, she only had about 15-20 minutes in the morning to realize her idea.

However, it seems that she never decreases in enthusiasm. “What I like is that I am doing something that I am extremely passionate about,” she said. “I don’t see that as work.” Gifford has organized orientation sessions for other mothers, and in 2016 she launched her online tutorial channel named Pretty Little Braids.

Gifford said, “What’s interesting is that Grace has become a very special part of Pretty Little Braids and they can share this time together.” Another great thing is Grace’s hair always receive attention and positive feedback at school.

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