The Charm Of The First Transgender Model In Victoria’s Secret

Valentina Sampaio has a body that is not too plump but the body lines are praised with charm. She was the first transgender model to work for Victoria’s Secret internal brand. Sampaio various hairstyle also is an attractive point that many people like.

Valentina Sampaio has just been announced as the first transgender model to sign a contract with Victoria’s Secret. This is the company’s unprecedented precedent. Even in 2018, former Creative Director Edward Razek also affirmed that he never allowed oversized or transgender models to join the brand.

On Instagram, the Brazilian model posted a behind-the-scenes photo of a new campaign for the company’s Pink internal clothes line. She was so sexy with medium-length blonde hair with a red bikini. Under the comment section, she was sent greetings by colleagues and friends. In it, Victoria’s Secret’s Lais Ribeiro models have left a symbol of applause to congratulate her.

Sampaio is a familiar face in the fashion village. She is highly regarded for her feminine appearance, green eyes and standard height. She regularly shares bold semi-nude photos on her personal page with nearly 190,000 followers. In this picture, she wore a bob hair extension with light brown color and blunt bang.

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Sampaio is aware that he is not like his peers right away. However, she was not discriminated against by her family or neighbors. At the age of 8, Sampaio’s mother took her to a psychiatrist to better understand her gender. According to sharing, the Brazilian beauty has a hobby of playing dolls with girls.

In 2017, she became the first transgender model to appear on Vogue’s cover. Before that, she was also the face of Elle Brazil many times. In the same year, she was invited to an underwear model to show the latest designs of Alexandre Herchcovitch house.

Sampaio’s unique beauty when wearing makeup in personality style. A light blonde wig with long hair length was used by this beautiful model to highlight her characteristic. On the catwalk, she can transform into many different shapes, but the best performance is still the cold spirit of high fashion.

The concept of transgender models is no longer new in the fashion industry. However, in order to have a strong foothold, Sampaio and other transgender models have to try and experience difficulties many times longer than other beauties.

Valentina Sampaio’s cool spirit on the catwalk.

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