It is said that the life is easier with the support of beauty tools. For example, your face may be more beautiful with make-up or your hair may be more glamorous with hair extensions. Among many hair extensions brands all over the world, it is highly suggested to choose Vietnam hair which is considered as one of the best hair in the world. All the hair products of Vietnam hair are 100% natural hair which comes from Vietnamese women. One of the popular hair extensions types of Vietnam hair, tape-in extensions is chosen by many women due to their safeness and comfort. However, no matter how high quality your extensions are, you have to care for them well to get the best result. To maintain your Vietnam hair properly to enhance your look, you need to be careful in each step of aftercare routine. In this post, we will give you some recommendations about what you should and should not do with tape-in hair extensions.


  • Choose the right tape-in hair extensions

This is an important step because it determines the quality of your extensions. It is highly suggested to do research and read reviews about extensions to choose the most suitable extensions yourself.

  • Apply professional installation

The tape-in extensions has to be applied on your own hair professionally by hair stylists. The stylists need trained and educated before starting the installation process. Otherwise, you may have to suffer the bad result although it is much cheaper.

  • Use the right shampoo and conditioner.

Your tape-in hair extensions need special shampoo and conditioner. Be careful when choose shampoo and conditioner for them because the wrong ones can damage your Vietnam hair.

  • Apply aftercare treatment

Because your extensions do not attach to the scalp, therefore; they do not receive nourishment and moisture from the scalp. As a result, you should provide them for your hair by another way. Apply oil and hair mask to keep them always smooth and silky.


  • Do not wash your hair during the time of 48 hours after installation

The tape-in extensions need time to adhere to your hair. Therefore, you should wait for your hair 48 hours before washing. After 48 hours, you can wash your hair every 2 to 3 days.

  • Do not sleep with wet hair

The basic thing in aftercare routine is that do not sleep with wet hair. This can affect badly not only your scalp but also your hair extensions. The scalp can be itchy or have to suffer hair fungus. In stead, you should let your hair dry completely before going to bed and tie it to prevent it from moving around, which can make your hair be tangled.

  • Do not swim without swimming cap

The water in swimming pool contains some minerals which is not good for your hair extensions. Therefore, wear a swimming cap to prevent your hair from the water. Otherwise, chlorinated water can promote the fading of your hair.

Above are some do’s and don’ts about tape-in hair extensions. Through this information, you can find the way to take care of your Vietnam hair well. Keeping it in the good condition is a way to enhance your look.

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