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Winter hat for women 2019

Winter is coming and we need to get warm in a cold season. Today MCSARA will help you choose some winter hats to change your style. Trooper Winter Hat With Ear Flaps: It is said that the trooper winter hat with ear flaps is the type of hat that is …

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Which Foods are Good for Hair in Winter?

Winter, which is one of the biggest shedding hair, is coming. As a rule, hair is continuously growing and being replaced, and the follicles are constantly creating new hairs from nutrients in the body. Do you know the foods you eat affect how your hair grows? So that you should eat …

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5 Foods for Skin in Winter

 “You are what you eat” is true! Winter is now coming and we can say that winter can be a brutal time of the year for your skin. A healthy diet with sufficient ballast substances gives good digestion so that the skin is permanently made toxic-free. It’s important to try …

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Some Types of Scarfs in Winter

Winter is coming and we need to get warm in a cold season. Today MCSARA will help you choose some types of scarfs in winter. Regular Old Scarf: It is said that the regular old scarf is the most basic of scarves. They are the one that is super long …

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Hairstyles of Miss Grand International 2019

After the conclusion of the coronation night of Miss Grand International 2019, Lourdes Valentina Figuera Morales of Venezuela has crowned the new queen. The new queen is 19 years old and stands a whopping 184 cm tall. She impresses everyone with her brilliant performance and sexy with romantic beauty. Miss Grand International …

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Makeup Trends in Winter 2019-2020

Winter is coming and the keyword “Winter makeup trends” may be one of the hotkeys that is searched by many women on google. Today MCSARA will introduce some trends of makeup in winter 2019-2020. Complexion: Barely-There Makeup: This makeup has another name as the no-makeup look. A Barely-There Makeup is …

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