Sun, sweat, salt water, and chlorine can damage a naturally silky head of hair, and for those of us with hair extensions (guilty!), summer can transform those additional waves into a tangled fiasco. Ensuring hair turns out to be increasingly vital than any time in recent memory!

The hair that extensions are made of can be dealt with simply like your normal hair.

Extensions require gentle care no matter what the season. Regular brushing with an extension-benevolent brush and utilizing sans sulfate items are the absolute minimum. Consider utilizing a leave-in conditioner for additional saturating, as well. For extra concerns, it truly relies on whether you have tape-in or fortified extensions. Each one comes with its own particular areas of concern.

For tape-in extensions, the biggest danger they’ll face this summer comes from your hair- and skin-care products. Lotions,  including sunscreens, can extricate the tapes. Wash your hands in the wake of applying creams to abstain from getting any onto your hair, and abstain from utilizing conditioner at the foundations of your hair. Apply conditioner only up to a couple of inches from the roots, and be gentle during shampoos.

Bonded extensions’ greatest risk is water. Swimming is fine, however abstain from giving them a chance to drench for drawn out stretches of time, and dry them expeditiously when you escape the water. Take a stab at putting your hair into a low bun, or a free twist, while swimming to maintain a strategic distance from tangles. You may also want to use a detangler on the ends of your hair – away from the bonds – to keep both your natural hair and your extensions as tangle-free as possible.

Here’s a lesson from Marcia Brady: Brush your hair every day. Especially when you have hair extensions. Particularly when you have hair extension-friendly brush in the vicinity of the bonds or tape. “The teeth on other brushes will yank at the extensions. However, you can use a regular brush to untangle the ends,” advises Arussi. Extension brushes typically have looped bristles that are specifically designed to glide through hair. Personally, I additionally get a kick out of the chance to hold the bond or tape while brushing to stay away from abundance pulling at the root.

When it comes to summer product picks, leave-in conditioners will help keep your extensions from getting tangled and dried out. “The key is to be mindful of your roots and keep product away from the tape or bond,” says Michals. In my experience, detanglers (also targeted towards the lengths and ends of your hair) are a lifesaver, as extensions tend to tangle more easily than natural hair.

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