Summarize A Series Of Comparison Photos After Drama – Streamer Pokimane No Makeup

Recently, the famous streamer Pokimane has revealed her face without makeup during her live stream. Not surprisingly, this event received a lot of backlashes. The reason is this beautiful girl owns a huge following and receives special attention from the online community. Moreover, Pokimane is also the goddess streamer game in the hearts of many male gamers. She often appears with her beautiful, lovely and charming appearance before.

Pokimane makeup beauty

When the Pokimane no makeup images are shown, some people are shocked who are familiar with Pokimane’s splendid appearance. A series of comparative images between Pokimane’s makeup and non-makeup moments were released by curious netizens. Below is our summary.

Pokimane makeup before after

Pokimane’s free-makeup face was so hot that makes another female gamer has made a video to comment about this event. This is a sarcastic photo collage that she provided in her video to attract everyone’s comments. One side is a striking Pokimane’s photo with sexy red lipstick, one side is her completely non-cosmetic face in the live stream.

As can be seen, this comparison picture makes a big difference because Pokimane is too hot in the makeup picture. However, her rustic face is pure and lovely. Most people who watched this commentary video all commented that they cared about Pokimane no makeup and she still looked so good.

Pokimane no makeup

The second comparison photo we collected was a Pokimane’s lovely expression selfie photo and nude makeup tone style versus a photo of her without makeup. With styled hairstyles and light makeup, she looks fresher and more radiant. Every perfect line still shows on her rustic face, although it has a bit lifeless.

Pokimane without makeup

The final photo brings the closest look between two moments of Pokimane makeup and Pokimane without makeup. She only uses mascara to create accents for her eyes along with natural color cushion and nude pink lipstick. She looks so cute in both moments and there is not much difference here.

In fact, no makeup is not anything too terrible. Therefore, Pokimane has been confident in showing her completely natural face to everyone. She did not hesitate to return all comments on her personal Twitter page soon after. That shows that she is always proud of her natural beauty. To total, the message that we can learn after this drama is that women don’t need makeup at all times, always be confident with your rustic face.

Pokimane no makeup twiter

Pokimane posted on her Twitter

Let look at some of Pokimane’s other photos when she wears makeup and does not wear makeup.

Pokimane no makeup

Pokimane hairstyles

Pokimane no makeup beauty

In some cases, if you want to be more attractive, perfect makeup is not the only thing you need, the hairstyle is also an important factor. Look at the photos that Pokimane has wear makeup, she almost style her hair and that makes her look much more beautiful. She often styles gentle wavy hair with brown color hair. This hairstyle is suitable with her face and easily combine with many types of makeup.

Pokimane brown color hair

To make this hairstyle, you need an appropriately long and healthy hair. Even if you don’t have such real hair, you can absolutely use MCSARA high-quality hair extensions. Here is an interesting suggestion for you to have a perfect hairstyle like Pokimane.

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Each person’s beauty is created by many factors. Even if the drama Pokimane no makeup happened, she still received many compliments and affection from the fans. What about you? You can shine the way you want.

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