Aliia Nasyrova who has the hair longer than her body takes a day to dry her hair and for an hour to brush her hair.

Aliia Nasyrova, 29, who lives in Riga, Latvia, has nurtured her hair for 20 years. And now her hair is more than 2.28m long and even this oversized hair occupies a small space on her bed.

“My hair is too heavy, it’s the equivalent of a kitten. And you try to imagine, you have to bring the cat over your head for the past few decades, what it feels like. After washing my hair it took me a day to dry my hair and an hour to straighten it “- Aliia shared.

Despite encountering many inconveniences in life, both Aliia and Ivan (her husband) still do not want to cut it off and are even proud of it. “Her hair always attracted the attention of everyone around me and I even saw it as a family member, although it occupies a big area on our bed” – Ivan said.

One of the reasons why Aliia decided to maintain the long hair, was since she accidentally met the female character Rapunzel in the fairy tales story who has dozens of meters of hair.

Although the hair care takes a lot of time and cost, her most obsession is to get her hair caught in chewing gum. “One of the tragedies of childhood is when I go to the theater and someone chewed chewing gum into my long hair, there was no way to solve it, I had to pity and cut out a strand of hair and this made me sad. Many people advised me to cut my hair, sell it or free myself from this inconvenience, but neither my family nor I felt uncomfortable and moreover, it was even a pride. I had no intention of enrolling myself in the Guinness Book of World Records because currently, the person with the longest hair was up to 5m, but I thought, I was the longest haired girl in Latvia, where I lived. ”

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