Some Types of Scarfs in Winter

Winter is coming and we need to get warm in a cold season. Today MCSARA will help you choose some types of scarfs in winter.

  1. Regular Old Scarf:

It is said that the regular old scarf is the most basic of scarves. They are the one that is super long pieces of material that wrap around your neck at least once. As we can see, they’re usually rectangular and can be thick, thin, lace, knit, crochet, or any style. Especially, regular old scarf can have fringe on the ends, buttons, and even pockets!

  1. Infinity Scarf:

If you take a regular scarf and connected the 2 ends to make a circle, you will have an infinity scarf. When wearing an infinity scarf, you twist it once to make an infinity symbol, then put both loops around your neck.

  1. Cowl:

Let think of cowl as a collar. We can say that cowls are perfect for people who don’t like to fuss with scarves because they don’t have a lot of material for them. Because they are often just big enough to fit over your head, and they commonly have a lot of drape.

  1. Snood:

A snood is quite like a cowl, apart from having a bonus feature: a hood! Because of having a hood, snoods are great for super cold weather and can be worn under a jacket with the hood out for extra warmth.

  1. Shawl:

A shawl (or a wrap) is a large piece of material that you wrap around your shoulders. Shawls are often triangular-shaped. Do you think they’re kind of like a mini blanket?

  1. Wrap:

A wrap is a large piece of material that you wrap around your shoulders and arms. Wraps are often rectangular. They look like a mini blanket, but fashionable. If they’re large enough, a wrap can also be worn wrapped around from your neck to arms. It is a favorite shawl due to the effect of keeping warm.

Besides, you must have had other ideas to mix and match, please let me know on the comment!

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