For thousands of years, the idea that long black hair is an immortal symbol of Vietnamese women  has gone deep into the subconscious of many generations. But many things have changed as time goes by. They begin to think more openly thanks to cultural exchange. There are more and more women deciding to go for a short hairstyle because of its convenience and modernity. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to take care of their short hair extensions the right way. As a result, McSara aims to provide you some useful secrets of short hair care in this post.

Comb your short hair regularly

To keep your short hair smooth, silky and sleek all the time, combing it regularly is necessary. A wide-tooth comb is better than a normal comb as it can reduce hair loss. Besides, it is obvious that short hair is less likely to be messy or tangled in comparison with long hair and medium hair. For this reason, you can also use your fingers to comb through your short hair without using a comb.

Protect your short hair from harmful factors

Environmental damages (such as UV rays, dust, etc), styling heat and toxic chemicals are the main factors which damage your hair extensions everyday.

The fact is that your short hair will become dry, brittle and prone to breakage if it is in direct contact with UV rays. Therefore, you should safeguard your dyed hair from the sun by wearing a hat when going out and tie your hair neatly to avoid sun exposure and dust as well. Sunscreen spray for hair is indispensable, too.

The heat from styling tools can damage the hair cuticle, make your hair drier and lead to split ends. So, try to limit the use of these styling tools, especially hair dryer. Instead of using dryer at high temperature, it’s better to let your hair dry naturally.

Apart from damages from environment and styling tools, toxic chemicals found in hair styling products can also result in damaged hair. Not only do they make hair dry and lifeless but also lead to some scalp problems.

Deal with flip at hair ends

Short hair ends tend to curl up after being cut, washed or after you get up. There are many ways to deal with this problem. The simplest way is using a gel or a hair wax to style your short hair. Additionally, comb your hair with a round comb then stroke it down so that it will be not messy the next morning. Using hair rollers will be also an effective way to keep your hair ends in place if your hair is long enough.


Change hair style constantly

Sometimes you may find that transforming with short hair is not an easy task. Don’t worry because there are many different ways to style short hair without causing any damage: changing the position of the hairline, applying different braids or hair tying styles for short hair, creating curly hair, wavy hair or bob hair with an electric comb, etc. These ways can refresh your look safely and cheaply.

If you really like short hair, don’t afraid to go for it because short hair care tips are always available.

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