The secret of long hair care of old Vietnamese women



The old Vietnamese have the sentence”the tooth hair is human angle”, the hair must be black long hair, smooth and strong. Let’s find out about the secret of long hair care of Vietnamese women from daily natural ingredients in our article below.

Vietnamese hair

  1. Bo Ket – natural shampoo perfect fo long hair

Bo Ket has the effect of cleaning the scalp, helps the hair soft, silky. And Bo Ket has been used to treat dandruff, fungal hair treatment, reduce hair loss and loss, stimulate hair growth, black hair, shiny hair.

Usage: Dried baked nuts and put in the water pot.

  1. Grapefruit Peel

The crust Grapefruit contains aromatic essences of grapefruit is very good for hair help massage the scalp, se pores, stimulates the blood circulation. Hence the use of grapefruit Peel will help reduce hair loss, healthy hair snapped and more sleek.

Usage: Cut the pomelo peel into small pieces, put in a pot of boiling water, let it cool and use that water to shampoo. You can creates formula  including the grapefruit with herbs such as citrus, lemongrass, grapefruit … to increase the ability to clean and create natural aroma. In addition to the use of hair cleaning, shampoo grapefruit shampoo feeling relax and relieve tension with pleasant aroma.

  1. Lemon

In time immemorial, Shampooing with lemon is still the method was used for many mothers of newborn babies. In lemon juice contains potentially high purity acids. Besides lime juice mixed with coconut oilhelps treat hair loss and mixed with honey will help make hair stronger. So, this fruit has just help the beautiful hair back to help restore hair very well.

Usage: Use lemon water discharge after shampoo for hair to save the fragrance of lemon and cool hair, less oil than the scalp.

  1. Ha thu o – herbal remedies for black hair

In the past, black hair is the standard of beautiful long hair. For those who suffer from premature hair loss, they often use ha thu o to overcome this condition. According to oriental medicine, Ha thu o contains many nutrients that have the effect of blood tonic, restoring the damage in the hair follicles are very effective, black hair, stimulate hair growth.

Usage:  Use tap water to boil water every day, or you can pour it into the powder and use 10-20 grams a day.

Let’s try the above method if you want to have black, natural hair long like Vietnam human hair.

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