The Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson is one of the most beautiful actresses all over the world who is famous for her no makup face. This American actress is a model as well as a singer. For the past few years, Scarlett Johansson has been working very to create her legacy in the film industry and it seems that she will accomplish her goal soon enough.


Scarlett Johansson was born in a not so rich family so that she took up her responsibilities at a very young age and since then has been creating a sensation each time she faces the camera. Her flawless skin and charming appearance need no makeup, just her beautiful smile can create history. It seems that she has no trouble with a natural face without makeup.

She spent most of the year shooting for films and thus had to lead a pretty hectic life which also demands Scarlett to go through a lot of makeup and beauty treatments. But off-screen Scarlett is a very simple girl who takes her time to cherish the smaller things in life.

Makeup is not really an issue for Scarlett. Rather she tries to avoid beauty products and go natural as much as possible.

In this picture of Scarlett wears no makeup. Clearly, her naturally beautiful face doesn’t require any kind of foundation or anti-aging cream. She looks gorgeous without putting on any makeup. In this picture, Scarlett Johansson also displays her beautiful blonde hair and her million dollars smile.

Spotted checking in the church for some peaceful time, the serenity on her face is like a visible charm. Scarlett, known to be God-fearing, ensures her dressing is extremely simple compared to normally how she dresses up.  With a black trench coat in the picture, she can cast a spell stronger than a love potion each time you look at her.

Scarlett was taken when she arrived at an airport in France. People recognized her pretty easily even though she wanted to maintain a low profile by choosing to go without any makeup and by putting on a casual outfit. Maybe blonde hair is her favorite hair color that she can improve her fresh look.

Clicked during a Wine event by Moet & Chandon, Scarlett Johansson was seen in her most playful mood between the fresh vines. In her favorite blue dotted and shaded frock, Scarlett looked gorgeous as she held the vine basket to pick grapes to make some scrumptious wine. The wavy blonde is the hairstyle that she chooses in this picture.

Scarlett leaves her shoulder-length straight hair open and sporting a geek look with round frame glasses suiting her oval face. Shot for a magazine to show the journalistic side in her, she dons a plain beige shirt, white linen trousers, and denim olive green jacket. To give the feel of a reporter she carried a sling bag. It is truly said that Scarlett loves to immerse herself into the character whether for a movie or an ad shoot.

Scarlett’s hobbies are adventure sports and outings and with this look, she totally sets the mood. Donned in Khaki shorts paired with moss green top, Johansson accessorizes them aptly with a brown slim belt and white watch. This look is a preferred Safari look of the uptown girls and yes, comfortable when chosen for mountain climbing or rafting. She shows off her energetic beauty with light blonde hair color with a simple style.

This picture of Scarlett was clicked while she was heading to the gym. She was simply getting a sporty look with nerdy specs on and look pretty alluring to impress the people around her along with those sitting back home watching this image of her. Having a messy hair bun is her image at this moment.

Scarlett Johansson shopped in Paris where she seemed comfortable in displaying her funky out fir and makeup-free face. The MTV Movie Award Winner hardly can look alluring by simply putting on a gray full sleeve top upon a lime dress with a pair of dark colored jeans. She had a normal hairdohigh ponytail– with dynamic appearance.

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