Perfect Hairstyles for rainy days

The rainy weather is extremely uncomfortable weather, which not only makes the body more prone to health problems, but also makes the smooth hair of the ladies fizzy, sticky and lack of natural bulging. It’s really terrible. Let’s challenge these following hairstyle which are supposed to be the most perfect for rainy days.

  1. Ponytail

Not only a hairstyle that is familiar to most people, especially those who prefer quickness and dynamism, but the traditional ponytail is also a great relief in the days of greasy hair. When your hair lacks the usual bulging look, just by pinning your hair neatly with some the elastic band, so you have a dynamic appearance to start the job.

The ponytail really works on rainy days. It will create the most neat and elegant look for you. Do not be afraid of boring ponytail, because, you can completely transform in many different styles.

A low ponytail is more convenient when wearing a helmet or a moving raincoat while a high ponytail will create a sense of compactness so that the hair will not be disturbed by the rain.

  1. Braid

Regard as a hairstyle which is most suitable for the most rainy and windy days, the neat braid will help you look gentle and feminine, at the same time limiting the messy, wet hair ugly.

You can choose for yourself many braided hairstyles in the rainy day, but the most effective will still be the braided hairstyle from the hairline. It can be a fish-tail braid, a French-style braid, and so on. All bring a very uplifting and romantic beauty in the rainy day for you.

  1. Bun

The most important thing when walking down the streets on a rainy day, is that you need to have a neat hair. Putting aside the frizzy curls, the straight and pressed straight hair, you should rock shielded hairstyles which are less exposure to rainwater as much as possible. In this case, always prioritize the bun styles.

Of course, there are plenty of bun styles to choose from. But avoid “natural” buns with too many strands around them. They will stick together and create a bad effect. Low neat hair, knotted hair, chignon are perfect suggestions in the rainy day.


































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