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The secret of long hair care of old Vietnamese women

    The old Vietnamese have the sentence”the tooth hair is human angle”, the hair must be black long hair, smooth and strong. Let’s find out about the secret of long hair care of Vietnamese women from daily natural ingredients in our article below. Vietnamese hair Bo Ket – natural …

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The most prominent short wavy hair

Shot wavy hair is always loved by young people, even middle-aged women. Never short wavy hair is “hot” as today. We should attempt to discover what hair tests will fit you in the recommendations beneath! Wavy haircut with minor wavy twists look exquisite and beautiful. Your hair looks thicker and …

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Dye hair blonde color at home

  Mix your blonde hair dye: Combine the dyes and developers from both the boxes in a large bowl and mix them thoroughly with your hair coloring brush. Make sure both the colors combine completely or else you might end up with patches of different blonde shades in your hair. …

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