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5 simple tips to care for Vietnam virgin hair

As you know, our Vietnam virgin hair product with remarkable hair features allows you to create a lot of styles that you want to. However, you still need some important care considerations if you want to keep that Vietnam virgin hair product beautiful and shiny as long as possible. The …

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Some ways to take care of hair extension

Taking care of hair is important step to have a beautiful look. Using hair extension, have you ever asked questions: “How to take care of my hair extension?” or “My hair extension is always in a mess and tangled how to solve that problem?” Those familiar questions can be answered …

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It’s the summer of the year when our locks feel GREASY, damaged and overall more dull. Whether you consider it a disease or merely a cosmetic problem, oily hair is annoying and hard to get rid of. Proper expert advice offers solutions. Hair roots come with sebaceous glands, which secrete …

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