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Micellar Shampoo: Strange But Familiar

Micellar water with micro-dipole molecules is used to effectively remove makeup because it is easy to dissolve mascara and waterproof eyeliner. Today, the micellar technology is used not only in skincare. In 2019, the hair industry’s keywords were “micellar shampoo.” So what is the shampoo and how does it work? …

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Unique Pink Hairstyle Of Megan Rapinoe In World Cup 2019

Megan Rapinoe has never been shy about making bold statements and the USA forward is continuing this trend with pink hair at the World Cup. Rapinoe initially was still rocking her signature blond look but added some pink highlights as the team prepared for the World Cup in France. Rapinoe’s …

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After becoming a Victoria’s Secret’s “secret angel”, Alexina Graham’s images are overwhelmed on Google and Instagram immediately. The perfect beauty style of this misty beauty is also famous from that time. “Forever Young” Woman Although she always appears with a young and sexy look, Victoria’s Secret’s new “angel” has turned …

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