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Beautiful hair secret of Korean stars

Beautiful hair secret of Korean stars Referring to Korean stars, besides the impressive fashion style or beautiful makeup style, the hair is also one of their ideals. Whether they dye or bleach their hair regularly, or often styling, their hair is always soft and shiny. What’s their hair care secret? …

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How to take care of the hair in the winter?

Cold weather can be really harsh on hair. It causes the hair shafts brittle, making them more vulnerable to breakage and spit ends. It dulls natural shine and causes fading color problems. Avoiding winter bad hair days (and large salon bills) by learning how to protect your hair during cold …

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Hairstyles for lazy days

Beautiful hairstyles have a great influence on your appearance, which is considered as a way to help you feel more confident when going to work or school. However, on days, especially in the winter days when you are tired or lazy, styling your hair will definitely leave you feeling down. …

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