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How To Dry Your Hair Faster Than Using A Dryer

Hair drying makes your hair more susceptible to dryness and damage. Don’t worry, here are some tips to help you dry your hair faster than using a dryer. You have thick and long hair but you are lazy to use a dryer, these are “saviors” that make your hair dry …

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Julianne Hough Just Debuted Icy, White Platinum Hair for Fall

The actress freshened up her color ahead of the upcoming season. While Julianne Hough has experimented with her fair share of different hair colors, there’s simply no denying that she’s a die-hard blonde at heart. Over the years, she’s gone back and forth between a golden blonde and an icy …

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The Charm Of The First Transgender Model In Victoria’s Secret

Valentina Sampaio has a body that is not too plump but the body lines are praised with charm. She was the first transgender model to work for Victoria’s Secret internal brand. Sampaio various hairstyle also is an attractive point that many people like. Valentina Sampaio has just been announced as …

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