As usual, the Oscars is the time for celebrities have brought the glamour and dressed themselves with a handful of different fashion, makeup and hairstyles in which the newest hair ideas will surprise the audiences a lot. We usually see a lot of simple and elegant hairstyles on Red carpets such as: chignons, updos, and so on. Besides, many stars keep up the most distinct trend and wear a variety of special hairstyles that you may get inspired from it. Continue to scroll down to see the most suitable one for you.

  1. Dreadlock updo braids

It seems braids is hot trend hairstyle for Oscars 2019: Lisa Bonet lit up the red carpet by braiding her hair in dreadlocks, pulled it into a casually cool updo, a little loose pieces increase the elegance.

  1. Long Braids

Wearing a regal with a golden headband over her long braids, Danai Gurira brings a modern feeling into the classic Oscars party. Her skin shone bright like the diamond with metallic hues which makes her become more gorgeous that night.

  1. Platinum blonde retro updo

Lady Gaga has blown out the stage with an intricate updos. The hair is a totally structured bouffant and pull the platinum blonde hair into loops on the top of her head and twisted the back into a tight roll.

  1. Low chignon

Gemma Chan may be one of the stars favors the minimalism. Only with a simple low relaxed chignon, she still looked gorgeous in that hairstyle. It is an ideal hairstyles for you to use in a night party. You can also copy and style it with the big earrings accessories so as to go out in just a few minutes.

  1. Sleek low bun

It might be the big night for bun. Ashley Graham looked like a goddess in all black. Her hairstyle even more fitted with her classic black dress. Style your hair like Ashley and finish your chic look off with a best clothes in your wardrobe.

  1. Ballerina bun

Another princess bun hairstyle belong to Laura Harrier. From the top to the end she might get inspiration of Princess Tiana at the 2019 Oscars in a stunning blue gown. The ballerrian bun made her even more stunning and different. Twitter was crazy about her goddess-like look.

  1. Hip-length ponytail

In the crowd with all short, bob hair, the hip-length ponytail totally make Angela Bassett stand out of them. The hair idea that proves her timeless beauty even she is at the aged of 60.

These are some of hairstyle trend which is inspired of Hollywood stars you can follow. Don’t forget to read other news from MCSARA to update popular hair ideas in the world. Visit Store if you are interested in 8 inch weave hair extensions and you will find the best one to add more volume and length to your hair.

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