No Makeup Taylor Swift: Beautiful Or Not?

Unlike other celebrities, Taylor Swift looks gorgeous even have no makeup. She is a country singer who has gained millions of fans in a short span of time. Her popularity continues to rise after writing songs about her own experiences about love, betrayal, and anticipation all of which teenagers and young adults can relate to.


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If you want to have a perfect no makeup face, a smile will the best makeup for yourself. And that is all Taylor Swift needs. She doesn’t need to hide behind makeup. A picture of her wearing a blue oversized shirt and carrying a bowl of vanilla and chocolate chipped ice cream shows that she is naturally beautiful and does not require touch-ups.


With a braided hairstyle with blonde color, she was wearing very casual but classy clothes. The ‘You Belong With Me’ singer wore a semi-striped red and white top. Her face looked angelic even without makeup. The combination of her braid and no makeup face improves her femininity.

As a girl who chose to go makeup free for People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People issue in 2008, Taylor showed her beauty without makeup. The photograph showed her sitting in a garden with a white summer dress on. Her golden curls were untied and fell on her shoulders. She looked simply amazing in this picture and radiated an innocent glow.


Taylor Swift was photographed in an oversized tee shirt in a field. Her hair which is naturally curly flowing down her shoulder. The sporty avatar made her look magnificent, even without makeup.

Taylor Swift was spotted wearing a polka dotted shirt with brown pants. She had on a red beanie and a navy blue blazer. She was carrying a sling bag. Her hair fell in golden locks from under the beanie. Taylor usually has no makeup on her face but looked absolutely fabulous.


Taylor Swift was pictured on a beach wading into the water. She had a sling bag and wore a pretty floral patterned summer dress. She carried her shoes in one hand and wore a pair of sunglasses, which framed her face perfectly. The sea water was up to her knees and she looked like she was having a blast!


In this picture, Taylor was carrying a leather sling bag. She had her earplugs on and her wavy blonde hair was down, giving her a casual and lovely look. It was evident of being sans makeup face but she still looked extremely charming and cute.

This country singer looks as good on screen as she does off it. She makes an adorable celebrity on the red carpet but when she’s off it and not wearing makeup she looks even better! A picture of her wearing a black blazer with her wonderful curly hair flowing down on her shoulder is a perfect example of her natural beauty.

A younger Taylor Swift with no makeup shows how adorable she was, and of course, still is.

Here, a close up of Taylor Swift signing autographs shows how beautiful her face looks without makeup. Not many celebrities would be as comfortable as she is with someone taking a picture at such a close range when there is no makeup on.

Aren’t these pictures of Taylor Swift with no makeup face a living proof that natural beauty still counts over makeup? What do you say? On the other hand, she always changes her hairstyles to mix with her face. Own our MCSARA high-quality hair extensions to be more beautiful like Taylor Swift.



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