How does Robyn Rihanna Fenty keep her skin looking so radiant and supple with no makeup at the age of 31? What is the secret behind those admirable looks? If these are questions that often come to mind when you see her on TV, you finally have your answers right here. From Rihanna makeup tips to diet tips, you will find her every secret!

She always turns up with her ever-stunning look and perfect apparel. Here is how she upholds her regular beauty care.

Rihanna’s Special Healthy Tips

1. Drinking Water

Water is the best secret of anyone’s beautiful skin, as the celebrity believes. Water is also an excellent detoxifier that helps to eliminate all impurities.

2. Natural And Homemade Remedies

It may appear too strange but this celebrity prefers going for homemade remedies for a number of beauty solutions. The fetish for natural therapies has offered her a flawless skin that glows with health.

3. Less Tanning


While many of other leading superstars spend their vacations by tanning their skins, Rihanna believes in less tanning. She believes that excessive exposure to the sun destroys natural skin tone eventually.

Rihanna’s Makeup Secrets

Rihanna’s shiny hair, big expressive eyes, and smooth skin have always appealed common women, as they have admired for her makeup secrets. Some of those are the following ones.

1. Moisturizer


Rihanna deeply believes in hydrating her skin at least two times a day. She believes that our skin is at its best when it is properly nourished. When it comes to her choice of moisturizer, she prefers to stick by a product that is high in SPF and is non-greasy.

2. Perfume


No makeup is complete without a pinch of perfume. Here as well, her choice is Lancôme Hypnose Onyx along with romantic roses. Sensational is her second best choice.

3. Protective Cream


She never forgets to apply her favorite La-Roche-Posey Anthelios CL Extreme Fluid protective cream whenever she steps out. It not only protects her from the sun but also offers an excellent finish to her makeup.

Rihanna’s Fitness Secrets

1. Working Out


When it comes to the fitness secrets of Rihanna, she sticks by working out five days a week. Rigorous exercise and stunt training followed by a dance for an hour is her regular fitness routine. No wonder, her beautifully toned body has maintained similar appeal in many years.

2. Running


Rihanna prefers running every morning for at least half an hour.

3. Strength Training

She follows an alternative routine of strength training and cardio during her five days workout program.

Rihanna’s Diet Secrets

1. Olive Oil

A hardcore fan of olive oil, Rihanna never forgets to consume two tablespoons of olive oil before going to bed every night. This helps her flushing out unnecessary toxins and maintaining a healthy liver.

2. Jalapenos and Hot Pepper Sauce

As her almost time favorite, she enjoys having pepper sauce and jalapenos. According to her, these kinds of stuff make food delicious and turn down hunger.

3. Organic Food


She believes in foods that are 100% organic.

4. Water

This top-notch celebrity advice to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, though she tries to consume 10-12 glasses for a healthier immune system.

Now, as you know the beauty secrets of Rihanna, you can easily follow them for getting the same appealing look and style. These useful tips not only help you to get a perfect no makeup face but also the charming hair. Or if you want to possess a healthy hairstyle to fit your natural no makeup face immediately, go to MCSARA store to buy high-grade hair extensions that you can apply easily and quickly. Stay stylish, stay gorgeous!!

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