No Makeup Katy Perry: Is she still pretty?

What do famous celebrities look like with and with no makeup? While these fierce performers rock some wild makeup looks on the runway, there are plenty of pictures of famous singers without makeup or hot trend hairstyle. Some of these pop stars are unrecognizable without their signature makeup looks, while some look just as flawless without makeup as they do with it on.

Like our favorite singer, Katy Perry is willing to show off her vulnerable side to fans by posting photos before her daily makeup routines. Perry rose to fame in 2008 with the release of the singles “I Kissed a Girl” and was intriguing because the vocals were by a girl. Katy Perry was not just a one-hit wonder, and her following songs proved to be as energetic as her debut song. This energy is a reflection of her personality which is fun loving and lively. Katy Perry is an extremely good-looking singer with no makeup who looks great both on and off stage.

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She wore a red candy costume and her hair was tied in a bun. She looked completely natural and extremely beautiful in this picture. When she looked at a camera, she smiled with her no makeup face.

Katy Perry is a fantastic musician. She is also an amazing human being. A person who is beautiful from inside can never be short of being gorgeous from outside. Katy is a living example of this. She looks friendly and approachable even without makeup.

She likes enjoying the outdoors and dressing for the occasion suitably. Katy had a fresh look especially because she was no makeup. She always saves her natural hair with the not complicated hairstyle.

When going to a party, makeup is an absolute must. But when going to the beach, makeup is totally unnecessary. The beach is supposed to be a place for fun and frolic and having to bother about makeup, spoils the merriment. Besides, her hairdo is so simple with her black hair color.

Katy Perry owns wide eyes and jet black hair. Her sea green eyes absolutely light up when she decides to leave her eyes without any makeup. She is young and has youthful skin on her side, thus she has no reason to cover her face with tons of makeup.

Katy Perry has published a series of hits, most of them being chart-toppers straight away. Among her chart-topping singles are ‘I kissed a girl’, ‘waking up in Vegas’, ‘Hot and cold’ and of course ‘Teenage dream’. She definitely is a role model for all the teenagers not only because of her music but also because she promotes a natural and makeup-free look, including special blue hair color.

For musicians, the recording studio is their sanctuary. Katy was too busy recording to bother about makeup, despite which she looked at her gorgeous friendly self. She looked at lively and energetic and had a very natural beauty about it.

Katy is all smiles and excited to get on to the stage. The singer, actress looked quite fresh in spite of wearing no makeup at all. Her skin looked spotless and we don’t notice any sagging of skin, tan lines or blemishes.

She looks so happy and relaxed in this peach-colored hammock. She is soaking up all the sun and her vacation is worth every minute of her time. She went bare-faced in this look. One can notice false eyelashes, but apart from that, the singer seems to be chilling out in her skin!

It’s unbelievable how good a woman can look just by wearing a hooded jacket, a cap, and other casual apparels. Katy’s beauty comes from inside. She likes to keep it simple and is very much aware of the secret which is being happy from the heart.

Katy Perry was spotted sporting a coat with slim fit pants and sneakers on a rainy day. She went casual that day and kind of enjoyed the rain. Katy looked quite cute in this picture where she sported a very casual without lipstick or face powder, yet trendy outfit that was too good to get wet in the rain.

Katy doesn’t need anything other than some jogging clothes and classy sunglasses to look beautiful with her purple hair. Katy reveals how exercise is not good just for the body, but also for her skin. She just looks like a simple woman.

Katy Perry is never shy in front of the camera. This “Roar” singer is quite a diva when it comes to flaunting her raw and real self. She regularly updates her social media accounts with the latest pictures of her. Katy always seizes to grab every opportunity to ditch the makeup and feel comfortable in her own skin. She loves to keep it simple and practical. Whether on the stage of or off stage, Katy has an alluring presence that makes her such a lovable person.

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