Naomi Watts – Elegant but luxurious hairstyles

A vast majority of people in the world assume that women passing the period of young ages are not attractive anymore. Naomi Watts, an excellent British actress breaks through this conventional prejudice by gorgeous beauty in entertainment events on the red carpet. Let’s review the top must-mimic hairstyles of Naomi Watts. And you will be surprised by the anti-aging beauty of an over 40-year-old woman. Jot them down for going-out occasions with your friends or family.

Medium Layered Haircut

If you are looking for a simple but alluring hairstyle, don’t forget this one since it can help you make an impression on everyone by a delicate appearance. Pull one side of your hair behind the ear and let the long bangs on the other side of your hair fall out gently and naturally. Thus, despite your age, you will be a sweet girl with this haircut.

Natural blonde wavy hairstyle

The British actress looks so sassy and shiny with the side-parted long waves. We can’t deny that the combination of trios – blonde waves, deep blue eyes with curly long eyelashes, and red lips make a perfect look for Naomi Watts. That floating waves gently hit her collar-bone once accentuates her divine beauty.

Blonde straight bob

With the contrast between blue big eyes and blonde color of the hair, Naomi Watts shines like a queen with the noble temperament. This blonde straight bob can’t lessen her gorgeous beauty since her appearance is so perfect that everyone also has to envy when looking at it. It is undeniable that her oval face and white complexion are her advantages which contribute to highlighting her attractiveness.

Curls with long bangs

That bouncy curls combining with the side-swept bangs adds a new look for Naomi’s beauty. Looking at this stunning hairstyle, no one can guess her real age as she looks so young and modern. Besides, the blue V-neckline dress and glittering golden earrings also bring a fresh vibe for her gorgeousness.

Bobby Pinned Updo

Though it takes much time to do, the elaborate twists are high-fashioned. If you are pursuing a luxurious style, this bobby-pinned updo will be an ideal option for your eventful occasions. Particularly, this hairstyle suits oval and long faces most. Thus, don’t hesitate to try this amazing updo if you own an oval or long face since your beauty may reach to the upper level you can’t imagine. Don’t forget to embellish your appearance by headpieces, earrings, or necklaces. These small accessories will promote your hidden charm.

Messy Updo

This hairstyle looks simple, but its effectiveness is so wonderful. The side-part hairdo works very well to frame the face and creates a sense of the elegant and chic look. In this lovely messy updo, Naomi Watts knocks down millions of hearts with delicate expression. There are a great number of men willing to dedicate their best things in exchange for minutes watching her. No word can express her pure beauty with this messy updo.

Blonde natural wavy bob

It’s indisputable that the British beauty suits blonde color because of her admirable white complexion. She stands out with a bright smile and sexy shoulders. Naomi Watts seems to be smart when choosing dresses that showcase her alluring collarbone. No need for sophisticated hairstyles, she is still sparkling like a diamond. Look at this picture, we can see that she is really happy and satisfied with this natural wavy bob. Women are the most beautiful when they’re confident in their beauty.

Try some outstanding hairstyles of Naomi Watts if you want to change your appearance from a casual girl into a beautiful princess. It’s not difficult to do those hairstyles if you’re willing to spend time beautifying yourself.

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