Micellar Shampoo: Strange But Familiar

Micellar water with micro-dipole molecules is used to effectively remove makeup because it is easy to dissolve mascara and waterproof eyeliner. Today, the micellar technology is used not only in skincare. In 2019, the hair industry’s keywords were “micellar shampoo.” So what is the shampoo and how does it work?


The micellar shampoo is a fairly new group of hair care products on the market. When using this product, you get an unprecedented experience. It will clean hair gently. In addition, the ability to remove dirt from the air or hair care and hair styling products on the scalp as well as sebum on hair is superior to conventional shampoo.

An advantage of micellar shampoo is very safe for curling hair. Most micellar shampoo on the market have sulfate-free and silicone-free formulas. So right after the first use, your hair will be very buoyant and soft, not dry and heavy as the traditional shampoo.


The micellar technology using surface-active substances is a bipolar molecule. These dipole molecules are called micelles. This bipolar property helps the micellar molecules surround the oil as well as dirt on the scalp and eliminate them easily when washed with water. In other words, these molecules act like magnets to remove dirt from the scalp but do not affect the vitality of the hair. Thus, after using micellar shampoo, the hair is very clean without drying out.

The big difference between shampoo and micellar water is water. While micellar water is a product that does not need to be rinsed with water, micellar shampoo requires water to activate. And like other shampoos, we need water to wash away the shampoo as well as the dirt that micellar shampoo brings.


Micellar shampoo can be considered as the most popular shampoo on the market today. Except for a few products containing sulfate, almost all current brands have a triple zero formula: no sulfate, no paraben, and no silicone. So it is suitable for dyed hair because it only cleanses the scalp, not pull away from the dye. In addition, micellar shampoo formulations that often have additional conditioning ingredients should it is also a suitable shampoo for curly hair that needs to be nourished and nurtured. Dry haired girls can also safely use this shampoo.

If you have oily hair and sensitive scalp, you will see a clear difference after using the micellar shampoo. The formula is very simple compared to conventional shampoo, thus reducing the risk of skin allergies and having non-irritating to the scalp. For oily hair, micellar shampoo can effectively remove excess oil from the scalp and hair. Because only ingredients are used with mild cleansing, the scalp and hair after washing will not be too dry. The over-drying of the scalp will make the sebaceous glands work harder to secrete more sebum, leading to a vicious cycle that the more you wash your hair, the more oil you will have. When using micellar shampoo, the scalp is balanced, the hair becomes healthy and beautiful.

After the first use of micellar shampoo, your hair will be very clean. Don’t be too surprised when it comes to gray water. That’s because micellar molecules clean up the dirt from the air, leading to this watercolor.

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