Medium hair or short hair?

Medium hair or short hair, which one is better? The answer is nothing better because each length hair brings the unique beauty for hair owner. Below are some beautiful medium and short hair styles from celebs and maybe that can become major hair inspiration

Have you even try long and straight shags like Halle Berry? If not, why don’t you try this gorgeous style combining with subtle highlights and wispy bangs in order for adding more dimensions?

Beautiful platinum lob from Jennifer Lawrence is the harmonious mix between low-maintenance cut and a high-maintenance dye job which reminds of serious old Hollywood vibes. Anyways, this beautiful short colored hair can be one of the best choices for you to change yourself

Chloe Grace Moretz appears in front of people with a retro shag hairstyle of rock stars in the ’70s, but in the past it was for male. However, it looks good on women as well and seems to become the new trend for layer short hair styles

Medium shags look incredible at any length and it’s very convenient when you don’t need to go to salon for keeping the shape too often. Let’s look at Dakota Johnson; her beautiful hair style is very inspiring

Why don’t you forget the traditional straight hair to try the curly one like Zendaya? Her hair looks even more awesome with bangs for a flattering, face-framing effect

Short with Side-Swept Bangs is never out of fashion. Bangs Anne Hathaway’s youthful hair style has both the beauty of short cut and comfortable long layer. That contrast makes the style becomes more lovable

With the famous wavy shag in the 90s’ Meg Ryan with loose curls looks gorgeous. If you don’t have wavy hair, don’t worry and try with a curling wand

Alexa Chung owns a messy mid length having the beauty of shag. It will be the best option for the one having bangs

With the beautiful layer like Kristen Bell, you can do any cue style for your shoulder grazing lob, also combining with platinum hair; you will have a complete look to go out.

These beautiful hair styles for short and mid length hair can be ideal styles to go out or go to the party for you. Also, if you want to change yourself by changing hair, let’s choose hair extension as a useful magical tool which can make you become more charming in front of men. Accompany with wigs, hair extension is also a useful beauty product helping girls have a naturally soft hair attracting every single look. Using hair extension gradually becomes one of considerable demands of girls.

Not only does girls use hair extension when hanging out with friends, going to parties but also they wear hair extension in their daily life because the hair extension always performs their most useful functions. If you still wonder where you can find high quality hair extension products, MCSARA will be the best choice. The company provides customers with the best quality hair extension products.

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