Marilyn Manson No Makeup: The Truth Behind The Monstrous Style

Many people who become famous because they are not like anyone. Someone is unique and someone always tends to be yourselves. You can choose to be different or not. Marilyn Manson has chosen a different way with an extremely crazy look and a brilliant rock music career. He always appeared in public with a white face by makeup, dark black mascara, and dark lipstick color. His fashion style is also considered vandalism. However, the vampire-like man left millions of fans collapsed by the music he brought. That is the reason why people are always curious about Marilyn Manson no makeup behind his crazy image. Although being a man, Marilyn Manson also has many hairstyles that mix with his style from short to long. That makes his image more attractive whether it is makeup or not.

Let join us to find the truth about the face hairstyle of the legendary American rocker below. You will surely be surprised by these photos.

  1. Marilyn Manson without makeup with light brown hair

In this photo, he removed all his makeup, no cream, no mascara or lipstick. Manson wears a black polo shirt and a completely natural hairstyle with the side turn and golden light brown color. He is like an ordinary man in this situation because he doesn’t want to be too different at any time. It’s really hard to recognize Marilyn Manson with this face.

  1. Manson as an actor

Marilyn Manson in the “Salem” season 3

Perhaps many people do not know that Marilyn Manson also has talent in the acting career. After acquiring a successful music career and immersing himself in the makeup world because of the influence of childhood memories with his mother, he turned to film with the appearance of the “Salem” series. Fans impressed with the image of a Manson as an actor with very good performance and a usual face without cosmetics. He has deep eyes and sparse eyebrows almost none. The hairstyles that Manson is styled in the movie “Salem” are very masculine. Short hairstyle with whole hair clawed up behind or hairstyle with curly bangs.  Even if he didn’t use the weird makeup of his past, Marilyn Manson’s styling in “Salem” is also very weird, the character’s personality is quite similar to his real-life personality.

  1. Young Marilyn Manson and long hair

This is a picture from when Manson was a teenager and not yet famous. Of course, he doesn’t have any makeup on his face. But his special personality soon revealed thanks to the beautiful long and black hair that he has even though he is a man. The feminine image is a big influence on Manson because he once revealed that when he was young, his mother used to wear wigs and makeup for him. Besides the success associated with makeup styles, hair is also an important part of him.

  1. The comparison between Marilyn Manson makeup and no makeup

Look at this photo, do you realize this is the same person? Marilyn Manson with strange rocker style and an ordinary man without makeup. The difference is really clear. However, there is a fact that no one can deny that Marilyn Manson’s success comes from his talent. No matter how he looks, millions of fans still have to dance in his music and crazy to see their idol. Last, Marilyn Manson has also left a big buzz in his life.

Here are some other pictures of Marilyn Manson with different hairstyles in free makeup face. You can also pursue Marilyn Manson’s monstrous style if you want.

Marilyn Manson in 2010

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Through this article, we believe that you have gained a lot of inspiration for your style. One important thing that you need to remember, be true to yourself in every situation like Marilyn Manson no makeup, he always shines. Do what you like and be confident with it, which is the greatest success.

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