Making hairstyle beauty for girl ignore damges

Ponytail, braided hair or bun are beautiful hairstyles but they are easy to cause damages for hair if they are styled regularly by girls.

In daily activities, simple hairstyles always make the femininity feel comfortable. Simple hairstyles also save time and girls have more time to spend on other activities. However, few people know that these simple hairstyles may be harmful to their hair every day. Here are the simple hairstyles that women often style and they are vulnerable to suffer from damage caused by these hairsytles.

  1. Ponytail

Damage: Tangle and hair loss

This is a simple and convenient hairstyle that is youthful and dynamic for busy ladies. Many girls found that ponytail is a safe hairstyle which cannot bring any damage. But the fact is that this hairstyle is also causing the hair not less damage. It’s not too hard to notice that hair may be tangled and lost a lot after being used elastic to tie. To overcome this situation, you only need to choose the big elastic with soft material and do not tie hair too tightly.


  1. Braided hair

Damage: Tangle, hair loss, scalp may be shrunk

It is undeniable that the neat braids can help women look more charming, lovely, but regular hair braiding is not good for hair at all. Interleaving the locks of the hair in some complex hairstyles causes scalp to be shrunk, causing massive hair loss, scalp damage, and even headaches.

  1. Bun/ tie when hair is still wet

Damage: Easy to suffer hair loss, susceptible to hair diseases, and scalp fungus

Some girls have the habit of styling high bun when the hair is not dry, or spraying to keep the hair in order, which is also the cause of hair loss, especially when the hair is wrapped which will create a favorable environment for fungals and hair and scalp diseases to grow.


  1. Fuzzy hair

Damage: Tangle and hair loss

Distinctive and active fuzzy hairstyle always makes the femininity sexy. Fuzzy curls on the face or shoulders bring natural gentleness. However, this hairstyle can make the female sex suffer from hair tangled and hair loss. Fuzzy hair contributes to damage hair and the hair can lose the necessary glossiness.

The following is some beautiful hairstyles for summber 2017 girls should try styling in this summer to refresh style. Hope that this sharing can help you more in choosing the most suitable hairstyle for this summer.

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