Double drawn hair expansions are extra ways to give your hair more interesting styles. These drawn are collected through carefully process in which the shorter hairs are drag out by hand. Fundamentally, the hair extensions can extract more fully appearance of the growth hair. Let’s check out some following steps which will help you figure out how to use these magical hair transform methods at most.

Choosing the suitable type

There are many types of double drawn hair extensions, such as: double drawn weft, double drawn tape, double drawn clip in, double drawn lace closure…

In order to chooses these types you need to understand your hair nature and also the purpose of using them. If you need instant transform, clip in hair extensions are the most suitable. This type is also idea for thin hair or medium length. Beside if you want a more sustainable extension, the weft type or tape type is fitter to your requirement.

With double drawn hair, customers will get volume and strength that far surpasses single drawn one. The hair will be thick, appropriate to the tip; and that looked for after full-bodied visual will be effectively accomplished.

Choosing the matching texture

Beside the type, the color and texture are also need to take care of. You need to define your hair color and texture to make a good choice. There are many hair extensions textures and various colors which will mix perfectly with your own hair. You can even choose some abstract color to make highlight vibes or fashion ombre look.

Beside, just keep in mind that the hair color is also depend on your skin and eyes color. Therefore, it’s recommended to consider the color of your natural skins and eyes to have the right choices. However, above all, it’s you who decide and feel the most comfortable with your hair color. Nothing is better than choosing your own favorite and feel happy when wearing it

Some fabulous using examples of these double drawn hair extensions

As every famous stars you can consider has worn hair extension to enable their hair look to be more accomplish distinctive on searches and photograph shoots. Hair extensions are ideal for that since you can go from short hair to long just in simple minutes. You can get whatever shading or color that you can picture and make a totally extraordinary appearance. Take a look at some before- after look of the incredible hair transforms from our celebrities. Then try it out to boost up your own hairstyle with these amazing double drawn hair extensions.

While we cherished Katie Holmes’ shorter hairdos, we venerate her fuller style with marvelous hairstyle. These extensions have changed her limp locks into charming thick, voluminous waves.

Kate Hudson is giving one of the amazing change when turn from chic to elegant. Just putting some hair extensions to her wavy chic bob then straighten them to get the gorgeous appearance.

Last but not least is Sarah Hyland who tries out from fashion lob to girly braid just in few minutes. Wearing out some hair extensions secures them then braid along the length of the hair. This is one of the best ways to give your hair a dramatic turn yet still stunning beautiful.

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