The beautiful singer, Katharine McPhee recently married music producer David Foster on June 28. She is 35 years younger than her husband and is his fifth wife. Foster is a famous musician and owns a fortune of about 80 million USD.

Therefore, he did not regret money during the wedding, giving McPhee a romantic and luxurious marriage. The marriage of them was held at St. Church. Yeghiche Armenian Apostolic in Kensington (London, England). Weddings are organized privately, only invite relatives and friends of the two stars. The beautiful McPhee bride in her pure white wedding dress and the neat bun hair behind showed off her noble and elegant look. David Foster was born in 1949. He had four wives, five daughters, and seven grandchildren. David Foster’s son and grandchildren all supported his fifth marriage with the runner-up American Idol season 5 (2006). The 70-year-old producer is considered to be the powerful man of the world music industry. He won 16 Grammy Awards and worked with many top singers like Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Michael Bublé, Toni Braxton, Céline Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Andrea Bocelli …

Meanwhile, Katharine McPhee was born in 1984, 35 years younger than her husband. She married actor Nick Cokas in 2008 and broke up in 2014. This pair met for the first time when Katharine McPhee took part in American Idol season 5. At that time, the singer performed “I Have Nothing” composed by David Foster and she impressed him. They were friends for many years before developing a relationship. The 35-year-old singer does not care about the age gap between her and her husband. Although the difference is up to 35 years, they quite sympathize deeply with each other, having many points of similarity in their personal interests.

Recently, Katharine McPhee shared a series of wedding photos on her personal page with the caption: “The best day with the most wonderful and perfect husband”. Her beautiful appearance on the wedding day also received many fans’ compliments. Sharing her love with 70-year-old music producer, Katharine McPhee once affirmed that the most important thing is love.

Katherine McPhee and David Foster have repeatedly shown a sweet relationship between them. The couple showed that age does not affect love. Revealing to the international media, they said they had to think a lot before deciding to get married.

After a romantic, luxurious wedding, Katharine McPhee and music producer David Foster went to Capri (Italy) to enjoy the honeymoon. Photo hunters recorded many sexy images of this famous singer on the yacht.

With a yellow bikini, Foster’s wife showed off her sexy, toned body with a seductive, energetic high bun hairdo. Katharine McPhee had comfortable, relaxing moments and immersed in the sunshine.

On the personal pages, this couple also showed off many sweet images during the honeymoon period.

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