If you think you understand too much about your hair, think again! You can know how to style it or know how your hair features are but there are many other strange things still there that you’ve never heard of. The 10 strange hair facts listed below, may surprise you, or at least make you think to the level of knowledge about your hair.

  1. Healthy hair in a wet situation can extend 30% more than its usual length.
  2. The hair grows faster in warm weather
  3. All hairs will dead, except for those still hiding on the inside of your scalp.
  4. Hair contains information about everything in your blood
  5. In addition to the bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing thing in the body.
  6. Baldness only becomes recognizable when you lose more than 50% of the hair on your head.
  7. At any time, 90% of the hair on your head is getting longer, while 10% is resting.
  8. A strand’s longevity is about 5 years.
  9. Hair is the insulating thermal protection of the head
  10. Each hair can weigh up to 100 grams. Multiply with 100,000 to 150,000 fibers on the head, and all the hair can weigh up to the weight of two elephants!

Hair doesn’t always look and feel as healthy as you want, so it’s time to rethink your daily hair care. When the hair is in trouble, you don’t need to immediately replace the whole new hair care product, just apply some of the following small tips. Within a few weeks, you will see that your hair has improved significantly.

Hair Care When Washing

Maybe you often wash your hair in the wrong way without knowing about it. If so, stop some wrong actions that could damage your hair and apply the following tips.

  • Reducing the amount of shampoo: We often take 2-3 times to apply a shampoo for each washing time. But using too much shampoo can remove the natural oils of the scalp and dry the hair. You should only take 1-2 times, foam it with plenty of water and wash with foam that is enough.
  • Massage gently: Do not scratch your scalp with your nails or mess your hair when washing. Thus, the scalp is vulnerable, scratched, and the hair is broken. You should smooth your hair before shampooing. While washing, use a fingertip to gently massage your scalp with a spiral motion to cleanse your scalp and enhance blood circulation.
  • How to apply conditioner: Many people mistakenly think that applying conditioner from root to tip is good for hair. The fact is that the amount of conditioner will be redundant, and it is difficult to remove the conditioner. This will increase the amount of hair loss. You should only apply conditioner from the hair shaft to the top and rinse after 2 minutes. For oily scalp people, you should use a conditioner before shampooing. Thus, the hair is still smooth and oil-free.
  • Do not wash your hair every day: This will make your hair dry and damaged.
  • Wash your hair up to 3 times per week to keep the natural oil layer nourishing and protecting your hair from getting lost.

Hair Care When Brushing

If your hair is not combed carefully, it will cause you to break a lot of hair and damage your hair.

  • Tangled hair comb: These are flat, round combs that are flexible combs to disassemble each tangle of hair gently. This is also a brush that supports styling while you are drying your hair.
  • Brush each part of hair: If you brush straight from the root to the tip, it will easily weaken the hair roots which increase the amount of hair that falls off. Before having the completely smooth hair, you should brush each part, starting from the ends of the hair, then inching up to the hairline according to each small strands piece.

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