Do not you know about using way of weave hair extension? Let’s find the answer to this question and know more about weave hair in MCSARA news.

What is the weave hair’s origin?

Weave hair extension is also called as machine weft hair or to be short, weft hair with 1-2 meters length. This hair extension is sewn by machines carefully, so it looks really genuine and sophisticated. It is sewn in the way we often do with our clothes, as a result, hair is secured very tight together and will never fall out.

How to use weave hair extensions?

If you’re not able or interested in going to the hair salon to have your weave extensions done, you can do it yourself at home with the right tools. Grab your hair, get your hands ready, and you’ll be set for a weave that will make all your friends jealous.

Step 1: Creating Your Base Braids

  • You should prepare the cornrows/weave style. Wash your hair as you normally do, and have a good conditioning treatment as well. Besides, you also make sure that your hair is totally dry before starting the cornrow process.
  • To create the base to sew your weave onto, you have to braid your head in a series of cornrows.
  • You might combine the perimeter braids off to the side rather than directly in the center on the nape of your neck if your part is off-center.
  • Keep the braid as tight as you can, and as close to your scalp as you’re able.
  • Remember that the braids should run parallel to your part and you should work down your head in horizontal sections.
  • Continue spraying your hair with the oil/water mixture to make braiding easier.

Step 2: Sewing on Your Extensions

  • Before sewing weave extensions you need to measure your extension-hair for the perimeter braid and around the outside of your part.
  • Remember to always double knot over a fold or the beginning of a weft, to properly secure it. When you have finished filling in your head, trim off any excess that might hang over the front.
  • When you tie the last knot, pull the needle through all of the layered wefts to secure them together.
  • Cut the excess string off when you’re finished tying it.
  • Fine-tune the hair strands on the top of your head to cover up any weft that may be visible.
  • Cut and style your weave.

How to get proper maintenance for weave hair extension?

1. Keeping Your Weave Clean

  • Shampoo your hair every 7 to 14 days
  • Deep condition exposed or leave-out hair
  • Use an antibacterial weave spray each day

2. Drying and Styling Your Weave

  • Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle
  • Dry your hair thoroughly
  • Apply alcohol-free pomade to your edges
  • Moisturize your weave daily
  • Visit your stylist once a month

3. Protecting Your Weave

  • Avoid scratching your scalp
  • Avoid too much heat
  • Keep your hair up
  • Cover your hair when sleeping
  • Braid your hair
  • Give your hair a break

Hope that MCSARA information can be helpful for you!

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