How To Make Perfect Low Ponytail Hairdos

It is not natural that short ponytail becomes the favorite hairstyle. It is fast-style but still beautiful that is the feature when it comes to this hairstyle. Not only that, do you know that short ponytail can be customized into many different hairstyles? Follow up with MCSARA to know.

“Super Low” Ponytail

Have you ever tried this super-low ponytail? This is one of the beautiful short hairstyles that MCSARA wants to bring to you first. To create this hairstyle, you only need to do a few simple steps. First, create a low ponytail just below your neck and keep fixed with a rubber band. Next, use your finger to adjust the position of hair that pull down the remaining hair is about 5cm.

Ponytail Tied In Half

When choosing the beautiful short hairstyles, you certainly must mention to this hairstyle. Is your hair too short to make a “super low” ponytail? Let’s try this one. What you need to do is just collect half of your outer hair and fix it with elastic. Then use a comb to brush the inner hair, and add hair accessories if you like.

Natural Ponytail

With this hairstyle, you just need to create a ponytail as usual. After styling, take a lock of hair in the bangs, spread down to make a difference for the hair. Too simple, isn’t it!


Tangled Ponytail

Sometimes your ponytail needs a bit of mess to be perfect. Do not try to smooth and straighten your hair because it is so monotonous. Instead, use a spray to keep your hair in the way you like and tie the ponytail in a mess. This will be a great choice for “lazy girls” every morning.

Low Ponytail And Loose Hair

The short-haired girls whose slight curls will definitely love this hairstyle. Curls when tying a low ponytail will create a natural and attractive loose. Remember to leave a few strands of hair on the bang, let down to make your hair look softer.

Ponytail Wrapped In A Scarf

With simple accessories like a scarf, you can create a beautiful ponytail. With this hairstyle, you just need to pull your hair back. After lifting, use a turban scarf to wrap your head and fix the 2 ends of the scarf at the ponytail.

Ponytail With Big Hairpin

Not only a scarf, but the large hairpin is also a great combination with a ponytail. The method is also very simple, you just need to pull your hair back, use hair clips to cross the ponytail. So it is done, there is nothing difficult, right.

We hope that all hairdos we offer are worthy choices. If you have any question, please give us on MCSARA website.

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