Highlight Your Autumn 2019 With Prominent Short Hairstyles

Short hair can be considered as one of the 2019 fall hairstyles that are worth to try because it is both gentle and mischievous. If you want to possess this hairdo, see the following 5 trendy hairdos to make you fall in love with short hair textures!

  1. Light Wavy Short Hair

A soft, graceful hairstyle will create sympathy in the eyes of the opposite person at first sight. Do not quickly think that this hair is not suitable for you, you will look very stylish when you pull your shorted- hair aside. Also, you should wear accessories like glasses, big earrings or a choker necklace. A bit of a retro style will make you stand out. Don’t forget to combine with a pair of boots or high heels. This style is especially fitting for those girls with strong personality hair!

  1. Pixie Style

Pixie hairstyles have become a famous phenomenal and by 2019 there are still no signs of disappearance. This hair will be more appropriate for the angled face, you will turn your cons into your beauty strengths in a snap.

Moreover, ask for advice from beauty experts about how to make your outstanding pixie hairdo. The bright colors such as orange-yellow, brown-yellow, sepia, smoky color, and even black color all create a special attraction for the opposite.

  1. Black Hair

The gentle but not weak look is what this hairstyle brings. The black hair color is very suitable for the small face, the oval face with the long bangs can cover the blemishes on the forehead, while the short hair part on the 2 sides can make the face more elegant.

Besides, you can add highlights by gently curling the hair on the top of the head to not only make the face softer but also blending the difference. If you choose to curl it, you should dye your hair to make it clearer.

  1. Wob Curly Hair

Wob is a subtle combination of lob hair and bob hair so you can transform into a variety of hairstyles such as kinky curly or soft curls with bangs brushed at 7:3 ratio.

Is it beautiful, right? With 6-inch clip in hair extension, you can enhance your hair look completely without noxious components.

  1. High Trimmed Pixie Hair

If you break the normal way and like innovation, even Pixie hairstyle will make you bored, let’s try this haircut, like Emma Watson! She looks so mature and stylish with a high trimmed pixie. With this transformation, Emma Watson received a rain of compliments from beauty professionals in the world. Try boldly if you feel you need a big change in yourself.

It is possible to attract people from first glance with the above short hairstyles. Choose for your favorite haircut to look outstanding and don’t forget to follow MCSARA every day!

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