As a quick solution to adding length and volume, hair extensions are more and more important that you may have never been able to achieve solely through growing your hair. This reason is the key to the hair extension explosion. To meet the customer’s need, hairdressers always have to know well about these hair products.

Today, MCSARA will help you to get more useful information about bulk hair extensions.

1. Definition of bulk hair

Bulk is a bundle of hair with no weft. Bulk hair is used to create weft hair extensions but is also offered for sale to clients who wish to use the loose hair to create a variety of hair types.

2. Using methods

–    Basic component

Bulk hair can be used as a way to store human hair or as a very first product. Commonly, they use bulk hair to make machine weft hair to be used in more purposes. The hair producers use a specialized machine to spread the hair bundle evenly and use the sewing machine to make a hair weft. All the process need careful checking to make sure that there’s only minimum hair loss could happen.

–    Wigs

Instead of crocheting directly into the human head, many producers use bulk hair to make full wig hair extensions. With a similar technique, each small and thin strands could be knotted in a full-head-knit cap. The smaller and the more hair strands are knotted down, the more naturally wig is.

–    Keratin hair

Some beauty junkies now prefer to use heat and keratin glue to apply bulk hair. Instead of using I tip or U tip which is available on the market, they want to customize the thickness and length of hair strands by their own. They let each strand be flat and put behind another real hair strand, apply keratin glue and roll the bond to stick firmly. One important notice is sticking the hair extension 1 to 1,5 cm lower than scalp to provide comfort to the users. The users will have uncomfortable feelings when they can’t move their real hair roots naturally, so avoid sticking too close to scalp.

3. Maintenance

As said above, bulk hair can be used as a product or a way to store. As for storing, it is necessary to preserve in a clean and dry environment, the most comfortable way is to hang the bulk with hooks to retain the texture of hair to be in the same direction. Moreover, dust is the biggest enemy. Dust can cause tangle, dryness or make the hair sit flat. Avoiding winds also because winds can cause extreme tangle or promote hair loss. You shouldn’t expose your bulk hair to sunlight in a long time since the sunlight can make the hair dry and breakable.

The most ideal condition to preserve the bulk hair is with a specialized cabinet in the room with roomy temperature for hair and avoids hanging mutually with other things like clothes. Checking the hair occasionally is another good idea. The rubber band or piece of cloth, from time to time, could be looser, so, you need to replace it as soon as possible. A common question is whether combing is good for bulk hair and the answer is combing too much can cause more hair loss, if you place the bulk hair in a proper environment, you don’t need to comb it.

Commonly, people will use the bulk hair right after buying to create weft, wig, clip in or crochet directly into the real hairline. Regarding wig or crochet directly into real hair, checking the knots frequently is important because the knots are made manually, they could be looser from time to time. When creating weft, wig or clip in, making sure that you do it in a proper environment. A large and clean table in full light without winds are what you need.

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