Hair care for your hair extensions

The hair extension artistry has made a great contribution to beauty industry with the function of bringing a new breath to hair fashion. It’s hair extension that can change a delicate short hair into a beautiful voluminous medium hair.

Although hair extensions are hair products, they need taking care and nourishing like your human real hair to keep them to be always in good conditions. Some simple hair care tips below will be of some help to you to do at home easily

# 1 Clean your hair

No matter they are long hair or short hair; have low quality or high quality; cleaning hair extension is very important step in term of looking after your extensions. In fact, cleaning is rarely taken because girls are busy to remember to do that or some of them think hair extensions shouldn’t be washed because of the fact that they are fake hair and cleaning can damage their beauty. That’s not true. Hair extensions also need to be washed and cleaned properly; if not they will gradually suffer problems such as: hair loss or hair breakage, losing their original beauty.

You should remember to wash your hair extension three times a week with mild shampoo if you use it intensely. Hence, hair is not only clean but also fragrant, clean and especially becomes stronger.

# 2 Wash hair properly

Unlike your natural real hair, when shampooing hair extensions, you ought to be careful than many times. Make sure that you always wash your hair properly so that the condition of the hair is not affected. You should wash your hair in one direction; from the head down to the leg avoid being tangled. You should use a gentle massage, not rub the hair and do the same with using hair conditioner. Unlike normal shampoo, the first vital thing you should do is to comb your hair before washing. If not, your hair can become tangled

# 3 Use the appropriate shampoo for hair

Hair extensions need professional types of shampoo. The best shampoos can be the ones such as herbal shampoo, keratin shampoo…and avoid products containing sulfate or having detergent. These substances will badly affect your hair, especially the joints which are vulnerable to unwanted peeling. So, if you want to straighten your hair at the hairdressing salon, let’s ask the staff there to advise you choosing the right product for shampooing your hair extensions

Here are three among many simple and easy hair care tips to follow. After applying, you will find that hair care is not as difficult as you think. Let apply the same way of taking human hair care for your hair extension because almost hair extensions are now made from real hair from MCSARA Company with full of healthy appearance and in good condition. MCSARA is a reliable place to provide customers hair extensions as the new generation wig made from Vietnam hair with the best quality meet each individual demand from customers.

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