Gray Hairstyles to Inspire You

If your hair is gradually getting gray, don’t worry about it. You can still look awesome even with such unconventional color, which is often considered as a signal of old age. Gray hairs have become very attractive. It is now one of the most fascinating hair trends in the current generation. Below are some gorgeous gray hairstyles that might just be the reason for you to color your hair in a heartbeat. Get out of the norms and try a unique hair color, even for once!

#1 Gray Ponytail

You are tired of the usual black ponytail and want to experience a more eccentric hairstyle. A long hair will become more beautiful and charming if being added with some colors instead of the boring black and gray is just one of the ideal shades. Gray ponytail combining with sultry makeup and red bright lips   are perfect locks that help to grab other attention. This hairstyle brings you a more classy and stylish appeal. You can style your gray ponytail in a sleek look or in a messy way. Either ways, gray ponytail is always a head turner.

#2 Black-and-gray hairstyle

If you are still anxious about having your entire hair turn gray, there exists an alternative for you – an ombre hairstyle including both black and gray color. You will keep the black at the top and the color gradually turns into gray at the bottom.  Undoubtedly, that’s an interesting combination. The touch of luminous gray color on shiny black hair is classical and helps to light up your face.

#3 Gray hair with chunky curls

You own a natural curly hair and are about to change yourself into a new look, there is no need to straighten those curls. Instead of that, be creative and keep those curls more classical and distinct by trying a unique hair color. Unarguably, gray color looks awesome with chunky curls. Forget about hair straightening which could cause more damage to your hair. Highlight those curls through this hair color.

#4 A Sexy Gray Bob

Bob cut is also perfectly fit with gray hair. If you have a straight and thin hair, a bob like Linda Fargo’s is definitely a good look to consider. The hairstyle pretty well matches with sweeps of bronzer, pops of blush on your cheeks, and by smudging your eyes with a little bit of brown eyeliner. Of course, lipstick or a colored gloss is indispensable. Additionally, a pretty rose or pink will look gorgeous with gray, and help bring out your lips.

#5 Gray Pixie Cut

You have been struggling with your long hair all the time, it’s high time to cut off those tresses and sport a very casual and cool pixie cut. Pixie cut is a very comfortable hairstyle and it will become more appealing if being colored with gray hue. It’s a fabulous combination to frame the face. One thing to notice: this kind of hairstyle works best on square, oval and heart-shaped faces. Thus, remember to ask your hairstylist what hairstyle before getting a pixie trend.

# 6 Braided Gray hairstyles

Gray hair may not take so long to be noticed no matter how you style it. If you are finding a romantic and feminine style, braids are one of the great ways to glam up your desired look. The color and style are perfectly matching. This braided gray hair is suitable for both formal and informal occasions such as a meeting, a wedding or a day on the beach. Surely, you will be a standout with your unique hair.

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