Nowadays, there are many hair extensions methods that can help you have a thicker hair just in a moment. Some of them that we can mentions are clip-in hair extensions, machine weft hair, keratin hair extensions (I-tip, U-tip, Flat-tip, V-tip), micro ring hair extensions and we can not skip the latest hair extension method, tape hair extension.

So what is tape hair extensions? It is a type of hair extensions in which the hair is sticked firmly in a double side tape and the tape can be long from 2-5 inches. One side of the tape is sticked on the hair extension and the other side is to stick on your real hair.

These extensions, which are made of real Vietnamese human hair can bring you a nice look just like your natural hair. You can style them to match with your haircut and color them with your favorite color and nobody can see the difference in your hair or see it’s unreal.

The tape hair extensions are designed to be gentle on your hair. It makes your hair look thicker with multiple strands of hair, preventing the hair to be drop off. The hair extensions can be kept about 6 months to 1 year. And when you want to take it off, it can be easily removed by tape remover.

The hair extensions are also available in many textures and colors for you to choose. You can choose for yourself a straight, wavy or curly style with black, dark brown, light brown or blond color.

Like other methods, to keep your tape hair extensions stay longer, you should have a best haircare. It is very important to choose a good haircare product with lots of moitures and nutrients. Besides, choosing brush is also very important, you should choose a comb which is designed for hair extensions to make sure that your hair is broken when brushing. One more thing that you should notice when wearing tape hair extension is that you should wash your hair too often and you can use dry shampoo instead of normal shampoo. After washing, let the hair dry natually, avoid using dryer or styling machines at a high heat so that your hair extensions can keep its original beauty for a long time.

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