Get some ideas from 7 Victoria Beckham hairstyles

Without much introduction, but Victoria Beckham is always the name that receives several beautiful words with the most awesome short haircuts in the fashion industry. Also, not many celebrities can make a remarkable transformation from a pop star to a professional international fashion designer as Posh Spice does. Her styles become a style icon the world is looking for to take inspiration. The following will list out some of her hairstyles gaining the most popularity from millions of her devoted fans.

1. Low Bun

To bring a more delicate look, Victoria Beckham leaves a few strands slightly undone. The pulled-out strands can be one of her signatures on the red carpet. Pull the hair back and let out of some pieces at the front. Only by this simple style, she still stands out with elegant beauty. Skip backcombing to avoid making a clump of messy hair and use Backcombing Lift Finish Spray instead if you are intending to try this hairstyle. Also, to have a gorgeous and luxurious appearance with a low bun, don’t forget to combine it with a no-detail silky dress. We’re sure you will have to wow about your grace when opting for in this style.

2. Angled Bob

To make a great difference in the old bob, Posh Spice let the front longer than the back of her hair and part it gently to the side. This haircut completely suits a round or square face as the longer parts help hide jawlines and reduce its width. You can also add some lowlights as Victoria Beckham does, or highlights to decorate your hair.

  1. Spikey Pixie

The English fashion designer loves cutting her hair and here she rocks her super short hair in a spiked haircut. This spikey pixie can make her hair messy, but it gives her a modern look and helps showcase her face with the V-line chin.

4. Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Victoria looks fashionable with this classic bob when combining a pair of black glasses. Adding waves with a few low lights give her a perfect look and high-fashion temperament. You can choose this style both for work and going-out meetings with your friends.

5. Puffed updo hairstyle

Victoria Beckham is clever as showing up her striking forehead by pulling her hair backward and puff it up on the top. Besides, she mixes brilliant long earrings, a black dress, and wear a nude make-up to elevate nobility. This updo is not as difficult as it looks. You just need to drag your hair backward, puff it up, and leave a few loose locks. And you own an alluring hairstyle that no one can resist to its charm.

6. Asymmetrical hairstyle

This asymmetrical hair has long bangs on one side and layers cut nicely behind the hair. She uses a sun-kissed blonde color for a fresh look. Also, she tucks one side behind the ear and keeps the other to frame her face. It’s easy to realize this can be a variation of the inverted bob or a combination of a pixie and short bob.

7. Lower Dark Brown Ponytail

To look sharp and edgy, you can make a lower ponytail. This is one of the most stunning hairstyles, which brings a ravishing look. Only by a few simple steps, you can create it without spending much time. Firstly, make a middle parting and then pull your hair back to make a tight ponytail. This style will look best on you if you have straight hair or an oval face. Don’t skip to keep some strands in the front to complete your natural look.

Victoria Beckham deserves to be a queen of wearing short hair with a variety of different styles. Beholding those hairstyles above is enough to understand why many people say that her haircuts have made fashion history. If you are going to cut your hair, try and see which her hairstyles work best for you. As they are quite trendy and chic, grab the latest one to update your hair now!


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