Flawless Hair extension tips and tricks

Do you ever wonder how come some girls’ hair extensions look super fake whereas other girls’ clip-in extensions blend in seamlessly and you only ever know that they’re wearing them when they tell you? It’s simply all in the way you wear them – and that’s why we’ve come up with Flawless Hair Extension Tips and Tricks.

Tricks #1

To blend your hair and your extensions perfectly, it’s a really good idea to straighten your own hair into your extensions. To do so, simply clip in your hair extensions as normal, and then straighten your hair. When you’ve finished straightening, leave your hair to cool for about five or ten minutes – and then you’re free to style your hair as normal (curls, waves…whatever you fancy)! Whatever style you choose, with this must know hair extension trick, you’ll notice that your hair extensions blend seamlessly into your own hair for a gorgeous, natural look.

Tricks #2

If you love to have curling/wavy hair extensions, you have to try out our next tip. It’s pretty much all about the pin and cool method. This tip is a must know for wavy/curly hairstyle lovers, plus it’s super easy to do, too! All that you need to do is curl your hair as usual however whilst the curl is still hot, pin this up so all of the curl is rolled into one section. Repeat the step with the rest of the hair extensions, leave until all hair is cooled, finally unpin and prepare for gorgeous results.

Tricks #3

So if you have short hair and/or layers and you’re having some problems making your hair extensions look natural around the front of your face – then clipping your wefts in on an angle could definitely give you a softer, natural finish. Instead of clipping your extensions in so that they are straight, tilt them back on an angle – this will help create a more feathered and less blunt kind of effect. So much more flattering.

Tricks #4

Do you have those pesky bits of shorter hair around your neck that are ruining your look and giving away the fact you’re wearing hair extensions? Then this next trick is a must know hair extension trick. Simply section off your hair at the nape of your neck and then twirl it around your finger before pinning it into place with bobby pins. Once your twist is secure, you can simply clip your extension on top. This way, when you’ve clipped all of your hair extensions in, there won’t be any of those annoying short hairs around your neck and no one will ever know the real length of your hair.

So, we hope that these above must know hair extension tricks help you to achieve a beautifully blended finish. Do you have any must know hair extensions tricks of your own? If you do, be sure to let us know!


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