Five vegetables help your hair stronger and thinker

Please refer to the good foods for the hair below:


If you want to prevent heart disease, cancer, and other health problems, please eat lots of vegetables like cauliflower as a smart way because it is rich in nutrients and biotin. Cauliflower will help hair grow significantly fast.

This food is like the cruciferous ones that is good for health, which will neutralize toxins, support the liver, prevent cancer, prevent hair loss. While cauliflowers are also rich in iron, copper, niacin, fat, zinc, manganese, calcium, potassium, sodium, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A. All vitamins and nutrients needed to grow to your hair and keep your hair healthy. In addition, eating cauliflower will help you prevent and treat scalp itching or dryness.

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Bananas will reduce stress, anxiety, vitamins to help improve your mood. In addition, bananas are high in potassium and salt for strokes, heart attacks or high blood pressure. Along with potassium, bananas are also rich in biotin to help the hair grow faster, reduce the breakage.


This is also one of the richest biotin foods. Avocados are perfect fruits if you want to provide more fiber, protein, minerals, vitamins and biotin. They are good choices because they contain healthy fats and adequate nutrients for your body development, especially for the hair. Avocados contain many vitamins such as vitamin E, B, potassium, vitamin C, folate and vitamin K. Eat plenty of butter, you will have a good chance to prevent cancer, improve eye health, reduce arthritis symptoms. , and lose weight.

Kiwi juice

Kiwi juice is rich in vitamin E, a vitamin that helps to speed up hair growth. Taking a full amount of vitamin E will bring the result that your hair grows faster. Because kiwi boosts the immune system, when a healthy immune system reduces the loss of hair. Kiwi can also be used in addition to a hair cleanser, should be diluted with water before applying.


Walnuts are also one of the best biotin rich foods for hair growth. Walnut seeds are rich in antioxidants, zinc, potassium, iron, calcium and protein that the body needs. Antioxidants are particularly needed for promoting the youthfulness of the body and preventing cell aging adn also helping hair grow rapidly.

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