Fusion (or pre-bonded) hair extensions are divided into many types: I-Tip, U-Tip, V-Tip, Flat-Tip, etc. In which, I-Tip (or Stick Tip) and U-Tip are two types that are most used by beauty followers. In the previous post, we’ve already mentioned to you about the I-Tip hair extension, thus, in this article, we will continue to introduce to you the U-Tip hair extension.

What is a U-Tip hair extension?

As it has already been said above, U-Tip – Also known as Nail-Tip hair extension – is one kind of pre-bonded extensions. The reason why it’s called with that name comes from the U-shape of the keratin tip that links the hair strands together. This is one of the most popular methods to add length and volume for hair used by hair extension professionals nowadays.

How to apply for U-Tip hair extension on your head?   

Similar to the I-Tip, the U-Tip applying process is also complicated, requiring you to ask for help from professional hairdressers to avoid long-term damage.

A small note: before applying for U-tip hair extensions, or any other type of hair extension, your hair must first be washed with a clarifying shampoo to clean off the chemicals from daily silicone-based shampoos and recondition hair back to its natural and clean state. You can start to apply for an extension once your hair is dried.

To begin, the stylists will part your hair into many small sections – which should be in a V shape and an equal amount to the size of the U-Tip. They will then use a hot applicator to melt the keratin tips and glue it on the hair strand-by-strand so that it is placed just before your scalp to evade burning the head. Like when applying I-Tip, it will take you about an hour or a half to do all the stage.

How to remove U-Tip hair extension?

The removal process is the same with all types of keratin extensions, including I-Tip, U-Tip, V-Tip, etc. The procedure is quite easy to do so you can do it yourself at home.

The removal is following these steps:

  1. Part your hair in four sections: front, both sides and back to conveniently remove the hair extensions.
  2. Locate the bond between your hair and I-Tip extensions.
  3. Break down the glue by using a plier to hard squeeze the bond.
  4. If bonds are still not broken, then continue to squeeze them on the side and roll between your fingers.
  5. At this point, any adhesive will turn into many small pieces, unfetter the tresses.
  6. Repeat this process until all the extensions strands are released.
  7. Wash and treat your hair with clarifying shampoos and conditioners.

U-Tip hair extension treatment

Take care of U-Tip hair extension in the same way as you did with your natural hair, you can use the hair care products as you normally use. However, as your real hair will grow, making the extension move further down from the scalp, you will need to re-position them every few weeks.

Hopefully, this post helped you to gain more knowledge about U-Tip hair extension. If you are interested in and want to buy this kind of hair extension, MCSARA’s U-Tip hair extension is a pleasing choice as our products are all high-class hair extensions, which are made of 100% Vietnamese women’s Remy hair. Visit our store for more information!


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