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Emma Watson No Makeup As Beautiful As A Goddess

Despite the hectic schedule, she always manages to stay fit, healthy, and beautiful, and knows how to be prominent and shining whether on-cam or off-cam. MCSARA has listed up some gorgeous pictures of Emma Watson no makeup that will definitely stun you!

Who is Emma Watson?

She was born on April 15, 1990, in Paris, France. The fate seems to have deliberately arranged for Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson (referred to as Emma Watson) to become a precious British rose. Ever since she was a little girl, Emma had always dreamt of becoming a famous actress. Before the dream was officially fulfilled as she landed herself as the 2nd lead role in popular series Harry Potter series, a film based on the hit series of novels by J.K. Rowling.

Airport At New York

She has natural beauty and great skin and knows how to take care of herself. She has a perfect attitude which has been reflected in the way she carries herself when she’s out in the crowd. Her style and appearance which was at the airport in New York are extremely pretty. You can see the beauty of this girl even without makeup. She looks absolutely graceful and fresh going through the terminal with just a tinted lip balm and a light stroke of mascara. The outfit is still simplified as usual with a knitted jumper, slim fitted jeans, and a large pale grey scarf wrapped around the neck. The lovely brown hair is neatly tied back into a low ponytail with the black sunscreen used as an accessory tucked on top of the head, for a stylish yet super feminine look.

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Workout Picture

Emma is a very hardworking and passionate woman. She enjoys working out and exercising. We can see that the amazing body that Emma Watson possesses and how confident and natural she looks without makeup.

Out For Shopping

She’s being just like any other normal girl happy and exciting when she goes out shopping. This time we get a glimpse of the beautiful texture of her skin and the comfortable and relaxed look on her face. She really knows how to look fabulous without having to makeup.

Some more pictures of Emma Watson no makeup:



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